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Know how three players can play Tank Trouble Unblocked at the same time

It is time for us to welcome 3 players game in the browser version. Now your third friend does not have to wait enough for his or her turn to come up because Tank Trouble Unblocked will never let that happen. This unique browser game avails the platform where three players can play the same game simultaneously in a competitive mode. It might sound fun but parallel it has cutthroat competition.

A simple fun game

Who does not love firing tanks in the games? This feather light game has a simple user interface with simple control specifications where three players can turn their cannon heads towards the opponents and fire. The game does not take the time to load in the browser and up to three players can play it together.

The sounds and graphics are also simple and funny. The game has three modes to start. If you want to play alone then you can find ‘LAIKA’ the cyber-dog as your opponent and it likes to destroy! For the first person, the control options are the arrow keys designated to control the movements and M for fire. If you are two players, then select the ‘2 PLAYER’ option. The first player will have the same configuration regarding the controls. The second player will have E, S, D and F keys as the movement controlling options and Q key to fire the weapon. The ‘3 PLAYER’ option is for three players. The first and second player will have the same control options, and the third player will use the mouse to control the movements of the tanks and fire the weapons.


Interesting features of the game

Tank Trouble Unblocked has many other features to astonish the players. The game takes place in a maze-like a field. The tanks are placed randomly anywhere, and the positions change whenever a new game starts. The maze walls can reflect the shells and rounds fired. Hence, it can be used properly to hit targets beside or behind the walls by simple calculation of trajectory motion. The primitive weapon fires a specific number of rounds and then waits to regenerate shells. It is the time when you have to dodge and evade from the enemy fire.

The next best feature of the game is that the maze generates bonus high powered weapons with their won specialties. Once the specialties are mastered the bonus weapons can be used within a calculative way to destroy the opponent’s tank. The bonus weapon fires only once and it can be obtained only by reaching the nearest spawned icon.

The online fun and excitement

The game starts at once, and the players do not game time to delay or think. You jump start and throttle the tank in the maze dodging and firing rounds to the enemies. The game can be simple, but the fun and excitement are enormous. You will feel the craze and addiction once you figure out the best way to play. You can develop your own different strategies by using the weapon characteristics and sleek movements. Play the game with your buddies and enjoy.


Written by Alice Walker