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Know How to Make Website Design and SEO Work Together

Know How to Make Website Design and SEO Work Together

There has been a general thinking in many online marketing companies that SEO and website designing are two separate entities and there is no effect of one on the other. However, with time this notion is obliterating and giving way to new vistas of thinking. More and more digital marketing companies are now stressing on the fact that both these concepts are overlapping and one has profound effect on the other, especially web designing on SEO.

Starting from the Basics

When it comes to building effective business websites, there are essentially two aspects. While one is traffic, the other is website. All business owners, having online presence, are looking forward to these two aspects mainly. No matter how the design is done, the main aim of the site owner or manager is to drive traffic to the site and then entice the viewer in going through the relevant section(s) of the site. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to convert the viewer into customers, with respect to the goals. If the implemented website design and SEO processes are not leading to this objective, the goal is not achieved.

To sum it up, it can be said that SEO and web design have only two objectives. First objective is to drive as much traffic to the site as possible, followed by making that traffic to go through the site and reach the business owner’s goal. If this purpose is not fulfilled, the effort is useless.


Web Design and SEO – Which comes first?

Both SEO and web design are important. But the latter comes first because without any design, the traffic will not convert to ultimate goal. A website design must be trustworthy and at the same time must be authoritative. When designing, two aspects must be kept in mind and they are aesthetics and the right capability of communicating to the visitor. However, designing should not be restricted to aesthetics only. It must be intertwined with the needs of SEO. That’s why the codes must be very organized and simplistic (even in the most complex requirements and environment). As most designers neglect the SEO perspective while building a site, it is important they are reminded about this. Any wrong move by the designer can lead your site tumbling in the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

In fact, the same is true in case of SEOs too. The SEO managers tend to overlook the importance of web designing and their effect on search engine ranking. The SEOs must check the codes prepared by the web designers. The designers tend to create complex codes that are difficult from the perspective of the search engine spiders to crawl and understand. Therefore, this could lead to lower search engine ranking, followed by lower site traffic. All these things can ultimately adversely affect business prospects of a business owner. This is the reason why designers of website designing company in Delhi and other places of India must be guided by the SEO managers for best result.

Is your Site Mobile-Ready?

This is the most important aspect for business currently. Mobile readiness or responsive designing is the most important aspect at present.

Website design as per mobile interface and SEO considerations are intertwined at present because of the simple fact that on April 21, 2015 Google (the largest search engine, acquiring over 60 per cent of the search engine market share) released its mobile friendly ranking algorithm, which is also known as Mobilegeddon.

With the mobile-optimized design becoming a SERP ranking factor, leading website designing company in Delhi and other places of India have started to realize the importance of web design-SEO coordination. Get your web design responsive to mobiles and smartphones, easing your way to business success.


Written by Alice Walker