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Lewis Howes: From Star Athlete to Successful Entrepreneur

Lewis Howes: From Star Athlete to Successful Entrepreneur

Lewis  Howes  is one of the most successful online entrepreneur writing books, blogs and doing podcasts. He is hosting a popular podcast titled, “ The School of Greatness,” in which, he usually interview famous millionaires like Joe Polish and more, who would share their successful ways of living.

But who would have thought that before his great success, was a lonely past, that is not easy for Lewis as a young boy? In this article, you will learn how did a young, broken Howes make his way to become a well-known entrepreneur.

Lewis Howe’s Life as a Child

Lewis always dreams when he was young and cared about the people around him. He was below average in school; it was hard for him to read. His classmates are always making fun of him and hardly had any real friend; he was bullied. At home, it’s a constant tension. His parents got divorced, and his brother got jailed for four years. At five, he was sexually abused by a man. Many times, he wishes that he was dead.

Lewis Howes

A Football Rising Star

Everything began to change when he started seeking inspiration and information on how to make his life better. He used all his lonely and negative energy into his dream of becoming a professional athlete, and become successful in it someday. It was a success, and he even got to play Arena Football for one season.

However, everything went downhill again after receiving an injury that has ended his career and dream of becoming a football star. He started questioning himself again.

The Beginning of His Great Success

Broke and clueless on how to earn money or get a decent job, he became obsessed with learning about business, product design, marketing, human behavior, and adding value to people. His obsession led him to a great journey.

He became a New York Times bestselling author, with a multi-million online media company. He started speaking around the world and received praises from different places such as, one of the “5 Internet Gurus Who Can Make You Rich,” by Details Magazine.

Below are some of his bestselling books:

  • The School of Greatness- A complete guide on how to live fuller and to enjoy life.
  • The Millionaire Morning- Have a millionaire’s mindset, and then become one.
  • The Mask of Masculinity- Learn how to become a real man while remaining sensitive to others and making stronger relationships.

Currently, Lewis Howes teaches people how to pursue their dream, and how to earn a full-time income while helping others. His goal is to impact 100 million lives, and he is doing it through his podcast, books, videos, online courses, experiential workshops, live events, and one on one interactions.

For him, what he has experienced in the past is a blessing, as it makes him appreciate his life now and gives him compassion for those who are suffering more than him. Life has a lot of challenges making it so hard to live it. But for Lewis Howes, if he can do it, so can you.

Written by Alice Walker