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LG G7 to carry a lot of special features

LG G7 to carry a lot of special features

After the previous flagships, LG’s new G6, no doubt, will make you the admiration and delight. The novelty does not claim to be the smartphone with the thin frame, but they are made in the G6 to a minimum. Through the display aspect ratio, 18: 9 smartphone bodies turned slightly vertically elongated. In this display borders on the top and bottom points ever come close to the edges of the shell. We can see the same aspect ratio plus high-powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor and Adreno 630 GPU in the modern forthcoming flagship of LG – The LG G7. The brilliant G7 smartphone will hit the market having a smooth runner, wonderful Android Version O.

As for appearance, the naked eye can see that there is something of the iPhone. At the same time, LG did not experiment with fashion trends as a 2.5D stack and set in the G6 completely flat IPS QHD + display. It definitely will appeal to fans glued glass and will undoubtedly cause HYIP among fans of devices that compete with the G6. The LG G7 is dressed to kill in a 5.8” OLED screen (bendable) and Corning Gorilla Glass 5. According to an Investor, the protection mechanism of LG for its LG G7 is sky high. Moreover, the Non-removable LI-Ion 3800mAh battery power of G7 is awesome: durable and reliable and will last for more than 2 days.


The design concept of LG G6 is awesome. On the top front panel are visible earpiece, proximity sensor, and light. In the left corner is the front or, as it can still be called a camera for a selfie. Using a 5-megapixel sensor for many has been the subject of much controversy. However, in fairness, it should be said that this camera exactly enough for the popular selfie. Especially that for the fans selfie on the market there are other models in this issue can put other competitors checkmate. LG G6 is not positioned as a smartphone for self, so we will not push its special requirements. But the fact that its competitors have 8-13 megapixels front camera and video recording in 4K – for G6 is not exactly a plus. Eliminating this low MP scenario, LG is going to boost its camera feature for its upcoming beast LG G7. The words are popping out all around the world that the “seventh” LG G series will go off well with its interesting captivate 4K camera of 12MP (front) and 21MP (back) Dual lens.

LG Company adheres to only use on-screen “buttons” on the screen. It has long been in the line of smartphones from this manufacturer mechanical buttons on the front panel, not as a class. In our view, this is certainly a plus, because, first of all, this solution allows you to place a larger display with the same body, and secondly, allows users to change the functionality and the location of the buttons. Hope the design concept for LG G7 would be clever and crazy.


Written by Alice Walker