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Making The Best Of Your Backlink Strategy

Making The Best Of Your Backlink Strategy

Everyone seems to be rushing at backlinks these days. Yes, this is understandable considering the incredible power of valuable backlinks right from helping your website rank better to increasing the visibility of your website. Basically, what are these backlinks we are talking about?

To start with, backlinks are incoming links from external websites that link back to your website. These backlinks are very helpful to search engines in the analysis of some critical metrics of your website like the authority of your website, its trust flow as well as how popular it is among your audience.

Furthermore, when you successfully have quality backlinks placed on high authority websites, it will greatly improve your ranking on these search engines. When visitors get to those high authority websites, the possibility is high that they could click on your backlink thereby leading a huge amount of organic traffic back to your website.

So having established how helpful these backlinks could be, you may be asking how to leverage on their power and make the best of your backlinking strategy.

To start with, a great backlink is more about creating something better. We all love something new and fresh, it is more exciting and more likely to pull more attention. This is the same way it works with effective backlinks. For your backlinks to perform and pull in a significant amount of traffic home to your website, you must be able to give your audience something new – something better than they already have.

Just duplicating or spinning already existing content is not going to get you the desired results or engagement. What you should rather do to get powerful and marvelously working backlinks is to rightly identify the things your audience are talking about, say the questions they are asking. This way you would now create content that brings a relatively larger amount of value to beat the existing content on board. This gives your content the competitive edge and why your audience will more likely love it.

For example, imagine you are a financial consultant. Your audience could be asking questions online like “how can I manage my personal finance?” So when the majority of financial consultants (that is your competitors are offering content like “4 tips to improve your personal finance management”, you would make your content better by bringing more like “10 tips to manage your personal finance better”. This would make your content more attractive and make those backlinks integrated into them perform much better.

After creating the perfect content for your backlinks, you need to identify the right influencers to help your content get more visible online. Every industry has its influencers, the big boys to say. These influencers could be the leading bloggers in your industry, leading social media movers or even celebrities. Influencers have a very large targeted audience – the precise community you should be aiming your backlinks at.

Now after identifying the right influencers for your backlinks, don’t just rudely jump on them. Take some time to build natural relationships with them.  Follow them and interact with them on social media and even watch out for their press releases.

This is most especially in the case where you are not paying them. After establishing a healthy connection with them, you can let them know what you have to offer their audience. It should be mutually beneficial at least as these influencers are unlikely to publish your backlinks if their audience doesn’t have much to gain in the first place. This once again establishes why you should create higher quality content.

So there we are! We have valuably learned about what backlinks basically are, how they work and how you can make the best of them. Rightly said, if you can get these backlink formulas right, you are undeniably on the way to becoming a leader in your industry.

Written by Alice Walker