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Messaging services and what they mean to their companies

Messaging services and what they mean to their companies

The world today runs on visual cues, it is the imagination age and content is what people thrive on. From videos to pictures; from audio to written content every sort of information is usually relayed to people via the internet. It is this culture that has helped shaped the mass usage of internet services over traditional forms of communication such as phone calls or messaging services.

But this where messaging services come in, traditional advertisements are very one dimensional and it may or may not appeal to people who look at them. Now that mobile phones are something which almost every person owns, it is easy to utilize this platform to send out new offers and adverts among other things.

Many companies like telecom service providers, banks, commercial places, bars and pubs and so much more. This list of businesses and companies who use bulk SMS services are huge. Its impact is significant as India is home to over 400 million mobile phone users, and if the companies can even reach out to a fraction of them it would be a great achievement.

The deal with messaging based adverts is that since they show up on the phone of the user, they directly interact with the advert. This may or may not have a direct impact on the user, but the average response rate is much higher than that of other forms of adverts and promotions.

For small and local businesses online bulk SMS service is a boon. They cost a fraction of the price of advertising in billboards, newspapers or television. And their target audience is basically people whose phone numbers they have access. They can get access to this information in either one of two ways, either by promotions in public events, which would require them to give out phone numbers or if the consumer visits the local business and has completed a transaction with them. Either way, the focus group is people who are interested and may even be regular customers.

Such a targeted group of members mean that the responses and feedbacks are great and the investment that they put will pay off. Other companies such as telecom providers use their network base to send out information to existing customers. Information such as new tariffs, special offers and rates, better network availability (3g to 4g upgrades) and so much more. Since their users number in the millions, the service providers need to be robust and they opt for the best bulk SMS provider in India.

This is an avenue of advertising that a lot of companies can use to promote products and services in a very personalized manner. Bulk SMS services are also in great business because of this scheme, some services send out over hundreds of millions of SMS daily. To sustain such heavy volume of traffic they need to have great servers and an uninterrupted internet service.  All in all, this is a business model that is here to stay, regardless of whether people use SMS services or not, they can still receive messages.

Written by Alice Walker