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Methods to Evaluate your Website for SEO

Methods to Evaluate your Website for SEO

The world has become global village and information and connectivity has grown by many leaps and bounds in terms of progression towards a boundary less society. In these modern days, we find almost everything on the web. From making a salad to writing a code everything is available on the internet. In this scenario, where there are thousands in fact millions of websites are around, it becomes almost difficult to maintain on top or create a visibility of your website. Thanks to the availability of search engines we have prominent chance of getting the website’s visibility on the www world. A search engine optimizes results for a particular product or content based on the key words and the content related to the search. You can also analyze the website developments by visiting

In order to maintain visibility of your website, the first point to keep in mind is the website information should be more qualitative. This gives the viewer more information from your site and would not need to look further for any more information.

Once you have created your website make sure you keep updating it constantly so that it remains on the top of the search engine list. More often the search engine pulls information from sites that have been recently updated. Apart from updating keep options such as RSS feeds on your site so that your visitors can subscribe and get alerts whenever there is an update.


Another important method would be to create links to your site on other related sites that share your content. This is an old method but has been proven effective over a period of time, as this gives the viewers not only information from your site but also gets links to the content without having to go back to search engine.

It’s very critical to strategically use to the best fit for the website (of business or any profession). There are various ways to analyze your website for SEO. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Stick to Uniqueness: The main key to remain as a top notch in any business is to be unique and absolutely original. The same rule applies even to your website too. Stick to the original idea of your and do not get carried away by something eye catchy that you might have come across. Taking idea is not wrong but keeping it original and unique is what will always give you an upper hand to get visibility.
  • Don’t forget about internal navigation: Never stop at just getting the traffic to your website. You need to make sure that you consistently upgrade yourself internally too. After getting the desired visitor, just don’t stop there. It becomes then mandatory to keep your website well connected and updated. Make sure the internal navigation is as smooth as butter.
  • Keywords Matter: Apart from putting in the right key word, it is also vital to notice where you are placing the keywords. Place key words tactfully to get the visitor onto your website directly.

Use SEO for your business to grow and attract more viewers and visitors to your website everyday and convert them into potentially customer.

Written by Alice Walker