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Modern Technology: Drones

Modern Technology: Drones

A time ago normal cameras and mobile cameras are used for taking videos and pictures. Due to thedevelopment in technology, drones capable of taking good quality videos and photos for filming tours, vlogs, and expeditions. Drones are integrated with newly developed technologies to increase both their functionality and usability.

Drones for The Marine and Yachting Environment

Modern drones can do amazing things in the marine and yachting environment. Drones are used to locate items or persons that dropped overboard, locate an open area in the marina to drop anchor, to spot schools of fish, locate a target ship, capture videos and photos of the boat either at anchor or underway or drop equipment to remote locations. Drones are handled differently in marine and yachting environments.

Models of Drones

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a drone for this environment.GoPro, Yuneec, DJI and a waterproof Splash Drone can be used in this environment. The small new models that can fit in the small places are capable of flying for more than 20 minutes in 20+ knots of wind. Go Pro and DJI introduced those new small models.

Storing the Drone:The drone can be stored on a bunk, in the cockpit, in a storage locker on your yacht. People in the yacht should not drop items on the drone or kick the drone. It should be in a safe location.

Flight Time: Big droned can fly up to 25 minutes and flight time for small drones are less than 10 minutes. Drones with longer flight times can be used to locate schools of fish or remote moorings. Small drones are good for casual videos.

Camera:Drones can use their own camera and sometimes external cameras as a GoPro or DSLR can also be used. Drones with cameras have a memory card to store the images and they range from low resolution. Other drones have a 4K resolution(broadcast quality) and live images can be relayed via WIFI to a smartphone, controller LCD screens, or tablet. External cameras provide higher resolutions but they are not fully integrated with the controller system.

Ability to Handle Windy Conditions:Winds can disturb drone while flying. Stronger winds can sometimes damage the drones. Operators should consider this issue when buying drones. The flight should be stable. Many small and older drones lack many features and do not have the capacity to stabilize flight when faced with more than 5-10 knots of wind. They do not have stabilized camera mounts to smooth out the wobble and gyrations in windy conditions. Larger drones with camera mounts and better electronic systems can withstand high wind.

Retrievable:“Home” capability helps the drone to land in any condition. Small drones do not have that facility and are difficult to land in any situation. Most of the new drones have a highly developed “home” capability. They can land back to their starting location automatically. Newer drones use optical recognition and the GPS location of the controller. If you want to know about drone 720x reviews, visit Techcompact to know more about it.Find more reviews and tech related articles on TechCompact.

Written by Alice Walker