In the smartphone market, all the glitz and glamour is restricted to just a handful of brands like Samsung and Apple. However, there are others who deserve applause for their intelligence and understanding consumer needs. Brands like Redmi, Oppo, Honour, and Vivo have been producing some of the most affordable phones with top-notch features at pocket-friendly rates.

We will be concentrating on these brands and their most affordable phone that are the most underrated. Phone with features that are appreciative, they are low on the smartphone price list and have successfully created a following for themselves.

Redmi 6A

The best budget phone in the market currently, the phone is bang for the buck. Its features are not over the top but substantial. Redmi 6A price is its biggest USP, it gives everyone an opportunity to carry a smartphone in their hands. The built quality of the phone is good, it looks sleek and very durable. The camera works well under good lighting and produce some quality images. RAM is just 1GB but it gets your day to day work done. Overall, this phone is best for calling, photos, net surf and other very basic use.

Honour 7C

Honour is another one of those brands that started with producing low rate smartphones and slowly made its way up by introducing unique new features like bezel less screen on a smartphone. The Honour 7C is an example of a phone with shiny feature in a low budget. If you think I am wrong? Here is what it offers:

A 1.8GHz Octa Core Snapdragon processor, face and fingerprint unlock, dual rear camera, 4GB of RAM and a 64 GB storage space expandable to 256GB. The phone is perfect for both casual and moderate gaming users. Probably the best features at the price, the Honour 7C is a must to consider.

Oppo A3

When it comes down to durability along with good features and a phone-centric on providing good camera quality, no one does it better than Oppo. Oppo A3 design and colour selection makes it an instant attraction. Over the top the phone is big, it has got a 6.2 inches of screen with multiple funky colours to choose from. Dual rear camera and Snapdragon Octa-Core CPU 14nm. The battery power on this phone is also commendable. With 4230mAh, your phone lasts for more than just a day.

These were some of the most underrated phone in a low range segment. These phone don’t get so much of an attention by the big reviewers out there nor the space or appreciation they deserve for making it possible for low and mid range consumers to enjoy smartphones. Yes, these phones have few features here and there lacking but the point of these phones is to make the user’s experience similar features of a flagship phone like dual camera.