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Now its time to make your phone in safe hands

Now its time to make your phone in safe hands

You have recently purchased an Android phone but wish to uninstall some pre-installed software. You have some amount of technical knowledge. Yet you need to purchase some software which will help you to access system files. Your phone comes with a prior lock from the manufacturer. To unlock the phone, and gain privileged access you need our software safe-root, which can be purchased at

Safe Root not just unlocks your phone but helps you in the process of rooting or jailbreak. Rooting is usually for Android phones while jailbreak is a term used for iOS phones. Android has many different OS and several manufacturers. While iOS is used only on devices made by Apple, whether phone or tab.

Once you initiate rooting, you can gain admin access to the systemic files in your device. You can then uninstall any pesky pre-installed software, make changes to the file system among other tasks. Each phone when purchased has limited access. With safe-root, you can gain full access and use the phone to its fullest capabilities.


Some of the benefits of rooting include customizing several features such as themes on the phone. You can practically personalize the device. You can access limited hardware functions. With advanced technical knowledge, you can use code to tweak your device in a manner that you want it to function.

This software is really good if you are a mobile app developer. It will help you unlock the phone and gain systemic access. It will help you code and test your apps easily. You can install Xposed Framework for your work with this software. Our support team will guide you for the same.

Is it safe to root the phone?

You need to decide why you want to root the phone. Some people do it because they want to customize the device as they own it. Others want to root the phone to uninstall or change some software. Whatever your reason for rooting it is important to remember that you should have some knowledge of phone codes and security system. Once you root the phone, you are removing the inherent security that comes with the device. Your apps become immediately vulnerable. So, you have to take extra precautions when you root the phone. You will be totally responsible for the security of your device once you root it. A good idea is to perform your tweaks and changes and then unroot it, if you do not need to keep it in the rooting mode.


Whatever your reason for rooting or jailbreaking your device, you can purchase our software safe-root to perform the rooting operation safely. The best part about our software is that it comes with remote support. That is you have a support team or Zen desk standing by to guide you thought the process. Our team even uses team viewer to enable remote access and hold your hand as you root your device.

The software is priced only at USD 43.99 and is a one-time purchase. It comes with a one month warranty. There are no pricing plans or hidden costs. The FAQ section at our website lists the various payment modes you can use to purchase our software.

Written by Alice Walker