You might be sending your marketing emails the wrong way, here is how to find out

If you are running a business, regardless of what industry you specialize at, one of the most common marketing schemes is through newsletters and emails that are sent to your current customers and clients, people who subscribed to your newsletter subscription, and potential customers that have visited your webpage.

marketing strategies

In fact, it’s anyone’s decision to how they handle their email marketing methods which they believe is effective for their business, however, a lot of businesses and companies are still practicing bad email marketing which led to several marketing pitfalls that costs them their brand’s entire promotion which results to a negative effect to their product and service campaign.

If you think that you are making some mistakes in your email marketing, but you cannot identify which one of it, then you came to the right post because listed below are some of the most common email marketing mistakes that plague companies and brands. From incorrect links to the website, technical difficulties of the website provided in the email, incorrect segment that often confuses customers, sending the incorrect version of the email which creates confusion to the customers, so you should always follow tailored marketing strategies for your company.

  • Typo errors- typos in the subject line, broken link, incorrect price, slow website, wrong segment, broken HTML, etc., determine which potential issues require immediate response like spelling mistakes, broken merge tags or using the wrong image. Another way to fix it is to define the planned response to each of the more serious mistakes like sending a follow-up email, make apology through email or physical mail and make sure the entire company agrees to these terms before you make this actions.
  • Wrong recipients- Sending the wrong email to the customers is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to patch up the mistake that was done. However, the most important thing to do if such a mistake was done is to act promptly by coming up with a plan to take in case a serious mistake occurs. Always inform the customer or subscriber that the email is a corrected version. You can start by indicating the main purpose of the email in the subject line by using apologetic messages or phrases. Plus, include the updated information in the pre-header or have a team from a B2B & B2C marketing agency.
  • Making people irate- Because of wrong emails and newsletters that customers frequently receive and notify them on their email applications, of course, it is completely annoying and gives them a hassle time to delete all these spam emails that your marketing team mistakenly sent to them. To cool down an irate subscriber or customer, you can offer an incentive. In this way, you can redeem the company or the brand’s name for any inconvenience the email has caused and also fix the incorrect link or URL. Consider using social media also to help speed the response. The best way to avoid this kind of problem is to prevent it from happening again by determining why in the first place it happened? There are many reasons and causes but always make sure that there is a proper process an email must undergo before being sent.

Five Major Advantages of Using a Cloud Based ERP Software

Online businesses face a lot of difficulties in setting up and streamlining their operations in Thailand. If you are running an online business, it’s recommended that you install an ERP software on your computers. An enterprise resource planning software program is incredibly important to implement.

Considering the fact that supply chains are evolving rapidly, it’s important that you stay up to date with all that’s going on. Using a cloud based ERP software is one of the best things that you can do for your company’s growth and sustenance. It might cost a bit of money to implement the software program in the beginning, but it’s more than worth the money. Here are five major advantages that you get for switching to a cloud based ERP software in Thailand.

  1. Improves Productivity

One of the main reasons why you should consider switching to a cloud based ERP software is that it improves productivity by a considerable margin. All of your employees will be able to access all of the details that you need to do your business. There’s no need to worry about being constrained to a specific computer. You can access all the details from any computer or mobile in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

2.Reduces Running Costs

Another major advantage that you get for installing a cloud based ERP software is that it will reduce your running costs by a considerable margin. Previously, with ERP-based software programs, you had to spend a great deal of money. But now, with cloud based ERP software programs, you don’t need to worry about investing in expensive hardware either. All the upgrades and maintenance will be handled by the company, so they are going to make sure that your ERP continues running smoothly.

3.Improved Security

Security is a major concern for companies in this day and age. Your information needs to be secured on a safe and secure server. If you are storing all of the information onsite, there’s a risk that someone might break in and steal your data. But, with a cloud-based ERP system, this is not a problem at all. The information will be stored on a cloud server, and all of the information will be fragmented onto different servers, so you don’t need to worry about someone stealing important data from your company.

4.Better Standard of Service

Because all of your employees will be able to access the resources that they need to look at their business interests from anywhere in the world, your customers can expect the best standard of service that your company has to offer. Even if an employee is not available, they can simply log on and fix the problem.

5.Efficient Accounting

The biggest advantage you get is that the accounting procedures will improve in the office considerably. Your employees will be able to keep track of all the transactions being made, and it will be easy for them to handle everything and record your company’s transactions.



Safety First: Why You Need A Car Camera

Car cameras or dashboard cameras have grown to their popularity ever since the first version got launched. They come at an affordable price range, hd car camera singapore offers you what you need! These cameras have become popular owing to the benefits that come with them. These are being designed and equipped to capture every sound and image of events taking place in the car and also on the road. This article will provide you why having a dashboard camera is important and what advantages do you get from it.

  • It provides the first evidence in a car accident. This is among the many reasons why drivers install dash cameras. Since the camera begins recording when the car is getting started and most cameras record on the loop, this means that from the moment the engine is on, you will have a record of whatever happens while you are on the road. These car cameras provide efficiency and real-time proof in case of an accident that may happen along the road.
  • It captures crime. Some of the dashboard cameras available have their own unique features that work like what car alarms have. These features allow the camera to stay on stand by and turns on if there’s motion in or around the car. You can go through the footage to see and examine it and will help you identify the individual or car responsible for the incident. In case you cannot track it down, have your insurance company view the footage or have the police track it down and capture the culprit who broke into your card.
  • It prevents insurance fraud. Most fraudsters get money by staging intentional accidents with hopes that they get paid by their victim. With a car camera, the footage may then get forwarded to the involved insurance companies or fraud investigating units to prevent you from having paid any unnecessary expenses.
  • It captures bad driving – It is normal to come across reckless and undisciplined drivers throughout your driving career. Reporting them may be a very hectic task especially if there is no proof that you can provide for the authority. With car camera, it records footage on the road and such footage may be handy in case these drivers cause any damage to other cars in the road.
  • It allows you to record road trip memories. Capturing moments on road trips will allow you to revisit the fun moments you had. Having a car camera will work to your advantage in such events and situations. Some cameras even have GPS features for added advantage.

            Having a dash camera provides more advantages than a vehicle owner can realize. They can record both the critical and the best moments on the road and comes handy in many situations. In all other cases, it is helpful to have this amazing device installed.

Utilize the latest features of OnePlus 7 Pro device

Today, wide ranges of mobile phones are available with ideal specifications and features. You might search for the best mobile phone through the internet depends on the price and features of launched models. You can find a smartphone from any portal online. It is a simple way to buy a recently released smartphone on your budget.  In online, you discover a mobile phone price list with images.  It let you see the top brand mobile internet. However, buyers might choose a smartphone easily according to features and specifications. It offers a useful solution for people to invest in the right device.

Most people are buying a mobile phone based on price these days. It assists them to view smartphone before going to buy from online. Considering the price helps you to take a good decision on choosing a mobile phone. All smartphone comes with a dual camera, processor speed, screen resolution, 4G connectivity, and others. It assists people to know complete details of the device. It makes you explore cheaper and beautiful smartphone. Also, you can prefer a device based on reviews online. You view different models of smartphone avail online. One plus is one of the well-known brands that allow users to access new features. This brand smartphone is offing great facilities for mobile users.

  Choose the perfect phone:

People have numbers of options to use updated technology smartphone.  Mobile phone user might acquire more benefits on operating the one plus device. It is widely operated by many mobile phone users. One might select smartphone elegantly online by considering its facility. One Plus brand offers top quality of mobile device for clients. The OnePlus 7 Pro is a new device which provides ideal features to clients. The smartphone is the right option for people who like to access expensive mobile.

Discover some features:

It is a wonderful smartphone which offers an awesome experience for you. It comes with the flagship category. It contains a beautiful display that makes you discover videos or movies with good quality. It helps users to play any game with no hassle. It has a battery backup that assists you to operate a device with a full charge. It comes with wrap charging technology which offers the best solution for people.

  • OnePlus 7 ProThe smartphone has a fluid AMOLED display with 515 PPI. It allows you to perform the task with a 6.67-inch display. It offers a screen resolution of 1440×3120 It also contains gorilla glass protection which makes you access device safely.
  • Triple cameras are available in the smartphone like 8 MP,16 MP and 48 MP. You might capture beautiful images with this camera. This phone contains a 16 MP front camera to take a selfie.
  • It has a battery capacity of 4000 mAh Li-ion and offers long time backup power.
  • Octa-core processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset
  • It offers different connectivity options that allow you to enjoy on using the mobile.

Know about the Bulk SMS Service in Delhi

Are you looking forward to ways that will help you to get users to know more about your services? Do you want to know every user get aware of the services that are available with you? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right platform.

Usually, it has been seen that when it comes to promotions we invest in those means that looks attractive and we think are mostly use by the generation. Though the truth is not like this at all. There are numerous services are available that will help you to promote your services or make the user get friendly with your services but among all SMS service hits at the top of the list.

SMS short-message service is one of the services which do look short in appearance and from the mean of content but contains the most useful information as well.

If you are looking for bulk SMS service in Delhi, then you might be looking for the firms that will satisfy this need of yours. Walkover web solution is one of the companies that will help you to provide the service of SMS Delhi.  By the use of this particular service, you will let the users occupied with the services available with you.

SMS Service

The services that are available with Walkover web solutions are:

  • Programmable SMS
  • Programmable voice
  • Send OTP
  • Virtual number
  • Regional SMS
  • Omnichannel flow

All these services are available with walkover web solutions makes them best bulk SMS service in Delhi. When it comes to knowing the purpose behind offering these services, these are:

  • Number verification
  • Communication APIs
  • Add as add-ons
  • SMS for spreadsheets
  • Rich communication service

The above-mentioned purposes are fulfilled by Walkover Web solutions easily.

Moreover, when it comes to knowing about the developers that are associated with this particular firm are:

  • API
  • Integrate SMS
  • SMS add-ons

All these are the developers that are particularly associated with the services available with a walk over web solutions.

If you are looking forward to purchasing some SMS service in Delhi from the walk over web solutions, you are just supposed to follow these simple steps:

  1. On the website, goes to the pricing column.
  2. Here, the buy credits option is available. Click it.
  3. It will ask for the communication type. Such as Transactional or promotional or voice SMS, Email, HLR, Voice Call. Choose accordingly.
  4. It will ask for credit details, fill them appropriately.
  5. Click on proceed and then checkout button.
  6. Now enter the bill details.
  7. Lastly, click on the make payment option.
  8. Now you will have SMSs available with you.

Do not get confused with it that you are just supposed to pay for the SMS you are using. The left ones do not cost any single penny from you. These SMS comes with lifetime validity. You can use them as per your requirements.

In case you do not want to avail of the services further, the amount you paid will be refunded to you. You are just supposed to put a request for cancellation. You will get the amount refunded in the next 6-7 working days.

For more details, visit our website

How To Use Email Drip Campaigns To Automate Sales And Marketing

Experienced marketers know how important it is to use triggered emails in email marketing and how effective a proper campaign setup can be when driving sales. To provide email marketers with better marketing results, has released an effective tool, Drip Campaigns. Let’s have a glance at how to use the Email Drip Campaigns tool to automate sales and marketing.

Using the Email Drip Campaign tool is much easier than you might have thought. Everything is based on the campaign elements that you simply add in their drag-and-drop campaign builder. You need to set up and then connect them to create a drip campaign.

All the elements are presented below. Whenever you are stuck, you can watch the helping videos and look through the articles in their advanced Knowledgebase. They will surely support you to solve any problem.


This element appears just once in a campaign. It is the first element and dictates the start of the logical sequence you create to send emails. This element is displayed in the campaign builder by default. When you click on it, you need to choose the list of recipients in the sidebar.

Note: An email campaign stops automatically if recipients reply to any of the emails in a campaign. This means that you can start communicating with these people face-to-face.


This is the element in which you need to add the message that you want to send. It is really simple to create messages with numerous possible modifications. You can so easily change fonts, attach files, and add links.

The system variables are available in, allowing you to personalize messages as well as the subject lines for better marketing results. Also, you can add your own custom variables.

Another thing you can add to all the emails is the signature. You can either create a plain-text signature in the web application or insert an HTML signature created on a third-party resource.

If you have no time on composing emails, you can use one of the email templates created by the marketing department. Moreover, you can write your own emails and save them as templates for future use.

drip campaigns


This is the element inside the Drip Campaign that defines automation. They are activated when a specific action is performed by the recipient of your email. Choose the desired trigger and set the time to wait for a triggered action to be performed. You can use one of 2 trigger types:

  • Email opened
  • Link clicked

When the trigger is activated, the following email is going to be sent in terms of a pre-defined schedule.


This is the element that can be quite useful if you do not want to spam your contact list with too many emails. Just as the name implies, it allows you to set a delay between the emails you need to send. For instance, if you send an email presenting a product and the recipient did not open it, you can set a delay of 3 days after which a new email is going to be sent. The maximum delay possible is 1 month.


The last element in drip campaigns is the Goal which is also the end of the campaign you create. This is where you define what goal you try to achieve. After a campaign is over, you get to see how many times the goal was reached, together with a list of the prospects that reached it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the screenshot above, Drip Campaigns look pretty much like the logical formulas you might have learned at school. The system is pretty simple, with everything being done in a simple-to-use drag-and-drop editor. You do not need to have programming knowledge or set up highly complex triggers. You can always make modifications based on the results that you have with your Drip Campaigns.

What Are Progressive Web Apps and Why Use?

Progressive Web Apps, PWA, is a development methodology that seeks to transform user experience into mobile and desktop devices, making digital solutions feature native application features, consuming less data, and no need to install.

Today, PWA has taken a greater proportion as a result of initiatives that drive the technique, coming from major technology companies such as Google and Microsoft.

Shortly after Google identified that most sites were being accessed by mobile devices, there was an opportunity to offer functionality similar to that of native apps. And that brought out the PWA, set by Google as reliable, engaging and fast.

And the proposal is just that, to make its users have a better experience with Web Apps and that content can be shared in a more democratic way, being accessible to people with all types of devices and connectivity.

Being considered as the future of Web development, PWA is also cheaper to develop than native applications. Check below what is and why you should pay more attention to building progressive web apps.

And because it seeks to bring this experience to the user, PWAs have some characteristics, listed by Google Developers that are definitive in the construction of its methodology:

  • Progressive: Any user can have access to available content, regardless of the browser he or she is using.
  • Responsive: Has the ability to fit any device: desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Independent of connectivity: It has technologies that guarantee to the operation of the main functionalities of the application without the necessity of connectivity. It is also optimized to work on poor quality networks.
  • Similar to apps: Browsing and interacting with the user is similar to that of an App, since it uses the same visual and perceptual structure.
  • Current: It is always updated due to a service that runs in the background.
  • Secure: Because of HTTPS (data connection encryption), information shared in a PWA application cannot be tampered with and has little risk of intrusion.
  • Discoverable: Due to the W3C manifest, PWA applications are recognized by search engines as an App, being easily found.
  • Re-enveloping: With features such as push notifications, among others, you can engage with the user and get them interested in using your solution.
  • Installable: While not having to be downloaded to an app store, a PWA ensures that the user can place the app icon on their home screen, behaving similarly to an App after that.

Three main reasons why more Instagrammers purchase followers

Instagram is now as popular as Facebook compared to what it was a few years ago. This social media platform established itself as one of the main reasons why a lot of people rise to their fame, why a lot of brands are now well-recognized, and why a lot of cause-oriented groups got their much-needed attention.

Of course, everyone who uses Instagram wants to get the equal attention that popular Instagrammers have, however, it does not sound so easy because although you can freely share your pictures and your content with just a few taps and swipes from your smartphone, getting followers on Instagram is not that easy which is why buying Instagram followers is very popular nowadays.

For some, it is plainly for fame, but for others, it is about serious business and other various reasons. For business, this ensures them to enhance their brand visibility hence opening up to more markets, while for celebrities and personalities, it is a simpler way to become more popular which is why a lot of people are influenced to buy Instagram followers for fame and also for social media interactions knowing that Instagram is highly social and highly interactive as Facebook.

compra likes instagram 2019

You can easily gain followers on Instagram in different ways by purchasing different packages online. If you are planning to purchase your Instagram followers to give you one step forward for fame and popularity, check out its three most notable advantages listed below.

  1. More visible online- Your online presence solely depends on the views, likes, and shares of your post and your profile’s content, and if you have a huge following, it is easier for you to become more popular, and eventually you earn the title influencer. Social media marketers utilize their popularity in Instagram for online marketing purposes, and this is one of their source of income because more advertisers will approach them to promote products or services through their profile which also creates lead generation. Through such avenues, you can easily reach a larger audience which will create a positive impact on online businesses.
  2. Reputation- If you would notice, people who have a huge following on Instagram have the same celebrity status as what real-life celebrities have. Because you are able to gather a lot of followers, you become more popular and you became an instant online celebrity. There is some research that showed that posting pictures from celebrities always get tons of likes and comments, and this can be done if you have many followers to help you build your online reputation where you become influential based on your posts and profile content and it is easier for you to earn more likes and comments in each of the pictures or videos that you post.
  3. Online marketing- One of the main reasons why people purchase followers on Instagram or comprar likes reales Instagram is because they either run a business or they are selling something online. One easy way to sell something is to have a huge number of followers who will easily patronize your products knowing that people are easily swayed or lured into something if they realize how popular the product or service is, especially that if they notice that your profile regardless if it is a personal profile or a business profile has a huge following.

Smart Marketing 101: Interacting With An Online Audience

Latest trends show that one of the most important features for building a strong online fan base and a serious shopping audience is communication. Estimates show that by the year 2025, more than half of the entire world trade will be happening through the internet. This means that customers will not be mostly present in the malls, but at stores on specialized web pages.

If you’re at least a little a part of this business, you need to be aware of this and create a marketing strategy as soon as possible. In order to stay in touch with the audience, we’ll tell you how to reach maximum efficiency. Read this article in addition and see what you should do to make the best of your commercial web page.

Cookies and newsletters

All websites today inform the visitors that they use cookies. Cookies are so cool for the sites and their owners because they collect important information about the same visitors which can later be freely used if they click accept on the button you place on site.

This information is not vital and sensitive, but they are enough to help you target your product for the specific people you find suitable. Learn more about cookies here.

You can also place a newsletter button somewhere on the page and let any person accept it in their mailbox. This way you can send information, cool promotions, and other e-mails with content that is important for you but will also make people interested in what you have to offer. It’s a great way to keep everyone updated about your actions.


As we said communication is the key. While mail communication is excellent and keeping in touch is great, direct communication is even better. Knowing that you can’t have a person responsible to answer all questions to all people coming to your site 24/7, it’s great to have a computer handling this issue.

Technology moved so forward in the last couple of years. Today, you have chatbots able to talk and answer people’s questions without anyone noticing that it is a computer doing the job. Artificial intelligence has become a reality and chatbots are so popular because of it.

How it is done? You simply add a script on your existing page that will place a chat window in the bottom of the screen. When the customer comes the chatbot will great them and will explain that they can ask any question and will get an answer from it. It’s a perfect way to let everyone coming to your part of the internet know what they need to know.

These robots can be programmed to do all sorts of tasks. From answering questions to offering products. It’s up to you to decide what strategy you like best and to make the chat more interesting for the visitors. It’s proven that people who feel welcomed have a higher chance to buy something. Pages that look cold and uninterested for the fans coming there are more likely to be disconnected faster and without any purchase.

That’s why this option is excellent. There are lots of programming companies offering their own versions of chatbots online. Depending on your needs you can find simple bots doing basic tasks and up to bots who can pretend to be live people communicating like regular salespersons. You can visit sites like to know more about this.

Social networks

Serious companies and large corporations very fast understood how important social media is for their businesses. They created profiles on every important social network there is and tend to communicate as much as possible with the users of those networks.

Why are they doing this? Because people have a feeling that huge companies are out of their reach and it’s impossible to get close to them. By talking one to another like we all do every day, people get a feeling of closeness to them. This closeness creates a feeling of a bond between them and the company, thus, making customers feel like a part of the team. So, for example, if someone got into an online conversation with Coca Cola on their Facebook page, but no response from Pepsi, chances are big the next day this person will choose the first product over the second in the store.

This is how important social networks and communication on them is. If you’re running a company, it’s very important to have a profile on several social networks and hire a social network specialist who will run these pages. Answering and talking to normal people might seem like an easy job, but it takes a lot of skill and practice to know how to attract visitors to your webpage and turn them into customers. A good social network specialist can really make a difference in sales.


Blogging is a form that not everyone favors but it’s something that explains perfectly hat your business does. Through it, you’ll be able to tell the audience you know what you’re doing and gain trust. Once you convince them you’re selling a good product, they’ll be with you forever. You can check to know more about blogging and how it can help your business.

The reason why we say it’s not for everyone is that not many people love reading texts that are 4-5 minutes long. However, there’s no other way of explaining how things work. So, the best option is to both have a blog on your page and do social media marketing. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Digging into the importance of CSS!

There are a few ways in which you can align elements in CSS and sometimes the decision of which one to choose isn’t so easy or straightforward. However you must first know the ways in which you can align elements in order to experiment and figure out what particular alignment to go for.

Professionals of best web Design company are glad to share insights that include:-

Aligning text

Eachline of content is treated as line box in CSS. The property ‘test-align will enable you to align the selected content on the page in the manner you desire, for example, centre aligned text, justified or left/right aligned text.

Aligning the line-height of elements
the ‘line-height’ property will change the size of the line-box  and thus would help change your alignment. Experts of web Designing Company Mumbai suggest that understanding fundamentals first is required.

Using the vertical-align property
you can use the ‘vertical-align’ property when you are aligning any inline element. This may include any element with ‘display: inline-block’.  You can also align the table cells using the ‘vertical-align’ property in CSS. This property has no effect on the flex or grid items which is why, if you use the property as a fallback strategy, it will cease to apply the minute the parent element is turned into a grid Container.

Now, though you don’t need to employ ‘vertical-align’ and ‘text-align’ properties to align boxes in CSS, they are still valid to use in those text and inline formats. The professionals of Web development Mumbai suggest that there is precise coverage to everything.

Doing Box alignment
in box alignment, there are 6 different properties that you can use- ‘justify-content’, ‘align-content’, ‘justify-self’, ‘align-self’, ’justify-items’, ‘align-items’. Though these properties were earlier a part of the Flexbox, they were later moved into their own specification as it was noticed that they are generally more useful.

Use of ‘align-content’ and ‘justify-content’
these properties will help you deal with spare space and basically space distribution. When you choose either of these properties, you are distributing the available space between grid tracks or flex items. These properties won’t change the size of the grid or flex items but instead will move them around.

Using ‘justify-self’, ‘align-self’, ‘justify-items’, ‘align-items’
while align-self and justify-self are used to apply the function on individual flex or grid items, align-items and justify-items are properties used on the container to apply the function to the entire set.

What is grid layout and flex layout?
With grid layout, you can shift the item on the block as well as inline axis in a defined Grid Area. Flex layout enables you to align only on the cross axis as the main axis is controlled by space distribution. Incase your items are in a row, you can use align-shift to shift them up or down inside the flex line to align them against each other.

To break it down for a beginner in CSS, the properties that start with ‘align-‘work in the Block direction while the ones that start with ‘justify-‘work in the inline directions.