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Questions to Ask Before Buying a Smartphone

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Smartphone

Choosing a smartphone that meets your requirements and fits in your budget isn’t an easy task. Your friends will suggest you something while online ads will tell you something else, thereby causing unnecessary confusion. In such cases, it’s important that you ask certain questions before investing on a smartphone. Following section will brief you few things that you should consider before spending on a smartphone.

Questions to Ask 

Which Screen Size to Buy?

Not everyone is fond of buying large screen phones. Moreover, a lot actually depends upon your requirement and use of the smartphones. Most of the people investing on phablets do so because they are either fond of reading etc. hence they need large screen-sized smartphones. It’s important to note that phablet users have key issue in handling their smartphones.

The size of smartphone is quite large such that it doesn’t fit into the pocket. Hence, if you prefer keeping your smartphone in pocket rather than carrying it in hand, go for smaller screen size such as 4-5 inches. You can find good built and high-quality smartphones in 4-5 inches from some top brands such as Apple, Samsung etc. Hence, don’t go as per what others think or like, but see your usage of the smartphone.

Which Operating System Is the Best?

When it’s about the operating systems, android is usually preferred over other operating systems such as iOs or windows. Not only because Android smartphones have a wider range when it’s about specs, compatibility, prizes and designs, but also these smartphones are rather multitasking. Such smartphones fulfil the requirements of all types of mobile phones user and also fit into everyone’s budget. Hence, make sure that you see your requirement and purchase a smartphone accordingly.

Which Smartphone Has Good Camera?

Usually, most of the smartphones have 16-megapixel camera. Any camera above 8 megapixels is more than enough. However, it’s important that in addition to camera’s size as per megapixel, you ask look for its aperture. Larger is the aperture, easier it is to take pictures in the dim light. Hence, if you’re enthusiastic about photography, keep these factors in mind and choose a smartphone accordingly. There are some good-quality camera phones available in market given the market. You can check their prices and specifications online at Amazon.

How Much RAM Should You Go For?

RAM determines the speed and performance of the smartphone. Usually, smartphones are available in RAM range of 1-6. In case, you’re looking for a smartphone as per average use, 2 GB RAM is more than adequate. However, if you’re a heavy applications user, go for the smartphones having 4-6 GB RAM.

What Internal Storage to Go For?

Smartphones are available in various internal storage ranging from 16 GB to 128 GB. It depends upon your requirement and internal storage you require as to which smartphone you should buy. In case you save lots of media files in your smartphone, go for 64 GB internal storage.

To conclude, ask the above-mentioned questions from your smartphone salesperson and go accordingly.

Written by Alice Walker