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Relive your childhood with the paper air planes

Relive your childhood with the paper air planes

Childhood days are the best days of everyone’s life. Making airplanes and flying it in the garden or in classes during class hours and recesses has been one of our favorite memories. Sitting back and remembering the past, this event brings a constant smile on my face. The way we used to fly the airplanes during class hours in the presence of the teacher in the class. As he turned his back towards us, a plane would go on to hit him by mistake and then he would turn back and scold us. The unity we had as kids was insane and inspirational at the same time. The threatening tone of the teacher could not break us and we would all stand there looking at each other saying nothing. We all knew who the culprit was, but united we stood against the consequences that came along. Such ethics are hard to observe in today’s time. The effects of gadgets on people have changed everything. Children prefer playing online games rather than the outdoor ones. It is sad, how people these days don’t know how to make the easy and awesome paper airplane glider, we always played with.

How To Make The Best Paper Airplane

We as children always used to wonder how to make the best paper airplane and would try to figure out how to make a paper glider that flies for a long time? We have done a lot of experiments and realized that these air planes come in a large variety. You can make any airplane using the origami techniques. Be it a normal plane, a jet, a fighter plane or a glider, does not matter. Everything is possible using a single piece of paper. You can make whatever you wish to using small variations.

Games that were popularly played

The games that we used to play as children were-

  1. We used to simply throw a single air plane between two people counting points for each catch that was missed out by the other person. This was popularly known as the game of catch.
  2. We used to point out targets around the house and compete amongst each other to see how far each of the planes can go.
  3. We used to play golf games making a Frisbee out of the paper air planes.
  4. Competing amongst each other to make the best the airplane with best shape and speed.
  5. We also used to make a number of colored airplanes and make all of them fly at once.

 The happiness that could be seen on our faces was beyond words. These games will always be a special part of us.

Written by Alice Walker