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Replacing or Repairing Furnace Heat Exchanger

Replacing or Repairing Furnace Heat Exchanger

Do you have a cracked furnace heat exchanger? If yes, then your first reaction may be to call a contractor to take a look at the exchanger to see if it needs to be replaced or repaired. If the exchanger needs to be replaced, you cannot help but allow your eyes to roll because the price is crazy expensive. You cannot help but contemplate if you would still stick to just replacing the exchanger or if you would need to change your whole furnace.

It is okay to believe what the contractor has said but has it ever occurred to you that perhaps your contractor is just telling you that it is cracked so you would be forced to replace your heat exchanger? Even though you want to believe that there is something good in everybody, there is also a big possibility that people are going to be dishonest about things so they can get the most money out of a given situation. Some contractors may tell you that something is wrong with your furnace so that you will replace it with something that costs a lot of money. You do not want your hard earned money to just go to waste, right?

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If there is any crack or hole in your furnace that is going to be dangerous, you do not have to look for it a long time because you can immediately see it. There are times when it is normal for exchangers to leak because there is a certain amount of space that cannot be sealed completely in order to allow the liquids to exchange. It will be wise to know the other signs of leaked heat exchangers if in case you are not 100% sure about what the contractor has told you. You have to look at the internal parts of the furnace. Is there any soot present? This is a sign that improper combustion is taking place and this is related to having a cracked heat exchanger. Another sign you have to look for is if there is a high level of carbon monoxide at the furnace area. Remember that carbon monoxide is bad for your health and can even cause death.

One of the most obvious signs that you have to watch out for if there is something wrong with your heat exchanger is if flame disturbances are more common than before. The flame of your furnace should always be steady and blue in color. If these characteristics do not fit with the flame that you see whenever you try out your furnace, a crack may be present. Allow your contractor to show you these signs and explain each one to convince you that you need to change your furnace or your exchanger soon. Check us out at AIC Heat Exchangers USA to know more details.

If your exchanger is truly cracked, this means that your furnace is not going to last long anymore. Instead of having to purchase the items separately, you can purchase a new furnace that comes with a new heat exchanger. Proper maintenance is the key to make your furnace last long.

Written by Alice Walker