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Revitalize Your Old Security System with an Advanced, Reliable Video Surveillance

Both business owners and house owners alike acknowledge the need for video surveillance in their security system. Any security system holder will always keep up and learn about the advancement in technology. Though it is required to have all those upgrades in your security system, it is quite impractical to renovate your whole security system with the latest electronic devices.

However, when the existing security system is in good working condition, it is just a waste of money, but there are few add-ons that have become must-haves in a good security system. Have you heard of a hybrid or tribid DVR (digital video recorder)? It can recognize and accept many types of video signals. There are three popular video signals- analog HD, EX-SDI and IP. You can simply upgrade into IP camera while the rest of the system remains intact. You will have a flexible system and enhanced image quality. If you attach it to a DVR, you can analyze the recorded footage as required.


Analog HD and EX-SDI Cameras

Analog HD technologies have both advantages and disadvantages. The latest Analog HD technologies include HD-CVI, HD-TVI, and AHD.

  • HD-TVI: Maximum of 3MP-over coax or Cat6 or Cat5 networking cables.
  • HD-CVI: Maximum of 4MP- over coax or Cat cables.
  • AHD: Available in 720p or 1080p.

EX-SDI cameras are capable of sending signals across the EX-SDI baluns. There are absolutely no compatibility issues. You can use your EX-SDI camera with any of the EX-SDI compatible DVR devices. For cost effective CCTV solution you can opt for Axis CCTV.

IP Cameras

It connects to the network through a network switch instead of connecting directly to a DVR. Now instead of using an auxiliary power source, a PoE IP camera gets power and data over single Cat6 or Cat5 networking cable. The network cable is either an injector or linked to a PoE midspan or a PoE switch.

What Difference Does It Make Anyway?

It’s extremely beneficial to have a hybrid DVR, the most important one being utilization of existing analog cameras. You can add megapixel cameras to those areas that require thorough monitoring with clear digital zoom-in facility. As they have more pixels they can cover a large area with minimal number of cameras. IP cameras can record in more than 40 megapixels if supported by the hybrid HDR or NVR.

Where analog systems are limited to 16, 32 or 64 cameras, some of the advance NVRs can be easily  networked with hundreds of IP cameras simultaneously. IP cameras have wireless transmission. You can easily integrate it into existing system with a compatible DVR. Since IP camera has own IP address and web server, you can use your computer, tablet or smart phone to monitor and record video from the camera. When motion sensitive camera detects a security breach, it can send text and email message.

Few Things You Should Keep In Mind While Buying HD/Megapixel Security Cameras

  • Analog-only DVRs are not compatible with IP cameras. A hybrid DVR accepting both analog and digital signals is best.
  • Check the compatibility of the recorder’s video management software (VMS).
  • Consider the network’s bandwidth limitation when using IP cameras.
  • It is recommended to use the DVRs using Dual Gigabit NIC.

There are many companies that specialize in HD, analog, IP, and hybrid video system. To name one is Samsung CCTV DVR. You can get hybrid DVRs and Megapixel security cameras according to your requirements.

Written by Alice Walker