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Selecting The Best Blockchain Platform For Your Startup

Selecting The Best Blockchain Platform For Your Startup

When you are ready to commence your business then the question arises which is the best platform that you can choose. Blockchain provides high security, lower cost and great efficiency. It provides a transparent view of the transactions which are reliable and secure. This technology has incorporated the feature of trust in its design.

Transactions which are done with the help of this technology are arranged in blocks which are linked to each other and are made secure with the help of cryptography. Most of the industries like medical, education, insurance, finance etc. are using this system to deal with business challenges and security issues. The blockchain consulting service is of the utmost help in bringing positive transformations in your business.

Which blockchain technology is fit for your startup?

You need to decide which blockchain technology platform will perform well with your business requirements. There are a number of platforms and while choosing them you need to consider the following factors:

  • Scalability – The platform should be able to handle the growing number of transactions and participants in an effective way.
  • Community Support – It should be capable of providing support and feedback for blockchain development.
  • Availability Of Skill – The developers should be able to work in a programming language which they already know.
  • Multifunctional and adaptable nature – Platform should have features of adapting to the existing technology.

Public Or Private Blockchain

A public blockchain network can be joined by anyone. Bitcoin is a public blockchain platform. A private network needs the permission of network creators to join the network.

It should have an optimum security feature and it can be achieved by testing the platform’s code many times. Ethereum is the platform of choice but with bitcoin platform, there are certain issues of speed and security which need to improve. These two platforms still need improvement.

Some other Platforms


It was developed by combining the good features of both Ethereum and Bitcoin. EOS is capable of supporting millions of transactions. It is a simple and scalable platform which provides maximum support for user authentication.


NEO has skilled development community which supports programming languages such as C++, C, Java and Javascript. It supports the development of crypto assets and smart contracts and it can bring a smart economy.


BUMO has ready to use development tools and is developer friendly. It offers scalability and flexibility in the business. It can support languages like C++, Java and can even provide android and IOS support.


It is a platform which has a set of specifications and it can be used to develop applications and solutions for a blockchain and provide enough security and privacy. It is developed by the Linux Foundation. This platform focuses on building high industrial applications of blockchain technology. It is very flexible in nature and can be customized to a large number of applications.


Thus the right choice of a blockchain platform leads to the proper startup of your business. It helps in achieving good business goals.

Written by Alice Walker