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Send text message via email: Convenience of email and read rate of SMS

Send text message via email: Convenience of email and read rate of SMS

The internet and the mobile phone are two tools that have fully revolutionized the way of communication in recent years. As both technologies are advanced, they have gradually started to merge together, offering us with networking and smart phones that help us stay in touch constantly. There are still various ways to use this great technology that many people have not grasped yet, but that have huge potential. One of these services is the ability to send text message via email.

SMS is acronym for Short Messaging Service. SMS is a tool that almost all mobile phone users are familiar with. SMS allows mobiles to send text message to one another via standard mobile phone transmission. SMS are both sent and received immediately between mobiles, making them a great tool when you want to send or receive quick information without wasting any time. Earlier, the only way to send an SMS to a mobile user was through a mobile phone, but a number of people find the typing system of their phone irritating. Speech, keypads and touch screen are all useful, but are not completely satisfactory.

Keypads can be annoying or difficult to use, touch screens are highly temperamental and speech is still not perfect and error free. In such instances, computer keyboard is the simplest way to send a quick message. If you want to use email to SMS functionality, the primary step is to find an email to SMS gateway that lets you do this. There is a number of email to SMS gateway solutions, but it is important to understand that not all are the same. As a result, it is important that you research your options well and then choose a service provider who ensures satisfactory and cost effective services.

Send text message via email. Convenience of email and read rate of SMS

Benefits of email to SMS

Using the email SMS gateway is extremely easy and straightforward. When using the email to SMS gateway you just have to email the message you want to send through email to SMS gateway and it will be delivered as SMS to the number you will provide. Some of the popular benefits include:

Saves time

No initial training is required and you don’t need to use any additional programs.

Easy and simple

When the recipient replies to your message via text message, the 2 way SMS feature deliver their response to your email inbox.

Easy access to information

It is easy to keep track of sent and received SMS. With complete record of all conversations, it is simple to build an audit trail for future use.

So, don’t get annoyed and irritated typing messages on your mobile phone, start using email to SMS gateway and make it easier to start sending bulk SMS through PHP SMS API.

Written by Alice Walker