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Services Offered by Jigsaw: Virtual Training Software Company

Services Offered by Jigsaw: Virtual Training Software Company

Virtual learning environment or VLE is an advanced concept of using web-based platforms to provide various types of training, which were previously delivered through classroom sessions and personal coaching classes. This mode of virtual training is now used to a larger extent at the educational institutions, corporate firms, and other industries with a need for constant training and development.

Jigsaw: virtual training software company

The virtual training software of the provider can offer comprehensive training solutions for schools / colleges, companies, hospitals, government / non-government organizations to meet variety of training needs. There are many advantages for these software-based online training programs as;

  • Eliminating the cost

Cost is a major factor while thinking of conventional training programs, which holds back many of the organizations from arranging frequent training sessions. This in turn will affect the productivity and business competence of the organizations. However, with just an initial set up cost, the virtual training software can offer consistent services in a highly flexible manner.

There is also no need for a physical trainer and a classroom environment to conduct virtual training, which can further cut down the training and development cost for the companies to a huge extent.

  • No time constrains

Scheduling a training sessions at a particular date and time by considering everyone’s comfort, availability of the skilled trainer, unable to ensure full participation even on preplanning the sessions, imbalance is delivering the training to people at various levels with various caliber, failing to meet the set objective of the training programs are some common setbacks of conventional training programs.

However, when it comes to Jigsaw: virtual training software company software, there is no need for a comprehensive planning to run such training programs. Training, once set, can be taken by anyone at anytime. Moreover, the training can be pursued at one’s own pace and there is also no need for a trainer to be physical present there.

Virtual Training Software

  • No geographical boundaries

Most of the corporate are now working in a multinational operational style. So, combining the workforce at various locations for a common training program is almost impossible. It is also vital to deliver the same training to the workforce across the placed in a unique manner to achieve its desired objectives. A well-structured virtual training program can take up this task well by delivering the same training modules unanimously across all destinations at the same time.

  • Interactive training

When a single person delivering the training modules to a group of people, it is almost impossible to practice a one-to-one approach; however, in a typical learning environment (especially corporate training), the caliber of the learners may different. Different people will have different perception skills, style of understanding, and various learning capacities.

However, a typical online training program can offer a completely personal and customized approach to each individual involved in the training. The learners can explore things at their own pace and style. There are also various assignments and tasks for them to understand the relevance of their learning and degree of understanding.

Written by Alice Walker