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Should I Use Email Marketing Services and Why

Should I Use Email Marketing Services and Why

Emailing marketing started as a simple idea yet it is now one of the biggest and most promising marketing strategies. Both large and small businesses are using email marketing campaigns to increase their conversion rates, ROI and customer reaches. Though implementing email campaigns may seem simple, it can turn out to be very complex if not done by a professional. Using e mail marketing services may look useless but the benefits you reap at the end of it all are so many to be ignored.

Avoids You Getting Blacklisted

Yahoo,, and Gmail accounts use automated robots to run their operations. Sending out mass marketing messages using these accounts raises suspicion and can make your IP address to be blacklisted by Internet Service Providers once your emails are flagged as spammy by the robots. When you are blacklisted by Internet Service providers, your everyday communications would be delayed and you may be unable to reach your customers and partners on time. Email service providers use unique email templates which fully are validated by Gmail, Yahoo, and so there are lower instances you will ever get blacklisted.

Opening Statistics

Gmail and Yahoo do not provide an option for you to track the performance of your marketing campaigns. The only way out to know when your emails are received and read by the target users is to get a reply. If not, you will stay in the dark. E mail marketing services use advanced technologies to track the performance of email marketing campaigns. Using these services allows you to know how many people click your emails and the exact number of links clicked.

Great Subscription Management

The next outstanding thing about using the services of email marketing providers is that it makes it simpler to manage your subscriptions. These systems or rather programs are programmed to automatically run the email subscriptions.  They make it possible for subscribers to subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you feel like.  You don’t need to do that manually as you may have to do when using your Gmail or Yahoo account. Since email service providers allow for automatic subscription and un-subscription, you are sure to save your business time and money.

Save Time and Energy

Managing your email campaigns directly from your email account is time-consuming, tricky and sometimes unmanageable.  You have to master your preferred email send-off time and be always up to send the emails when necessary. This means you must dedicate lots of time and be prepared to sacrifice your sleep and comfort if you want to succeed in your email campaigns. As with email marketing providers, they have advanced systems that use real-time statistics to schedule email send-off time. You won’t have to input any data manually to ensure your emails are sent on time and as per the set schedules. It allows you to send out emails ahead of time and avoid wasting time. This at the end will give you enough time to plan and manage other business roles which can enable you to increase your business performance and help you boost sales.

Written by Alice Walker