Latest trends show that one of the most important features for building a strong online fan base and a serious shopping audience is communication. Estimates show that by the year 2025, more than half of the entire world trade will be happening through the internet. This means that customers will not be mostly present in the malls, but at stores on specialized web pages.

If you’re at least a little a part of this business, you need to be aware of this and create a marketing strategy as soon as possible. In order to stay in touch with the audience, we’ll tell you how to reach maximum efficiency. Read this article in addition and see what you should do to make the best of your commercial web page.

Cookies and newsletters

All websites today inform the visitors that they use cookies. Cookies are so cool for the sites and their owners because they collect important information about the same visitors which can later be freely used if they click accept on the button you place on site.

This information is not vital and sensitive, but they are enough to help you target your product for the specific people you find suitable. Learn more about cookies here.

You can also place a newsletter button somewhere on the page and let any person accept it in their mailbox. This way you can send information, cool promotions, and other e-mails with content that is important for you but will also make people interested in what you have to offer. It’s a great way to keep everyone updated about your actions.


As we said communication is the key. While mail communication is excellent and keeping in touch is great, direct communication is even better. Knowing that you can’t have a person responsible to answer all questions to all people coming to your site 24/7, it’s great to have a computer handling this issue.

Technology moved so forward in the last couple of years. Today, you have chatbots able to talk and answer people’s questions without anyone noticing that it is a computer doing the job. Artificial intelligence has become a reality and chatbots are so popular because of it.

How it is done? You simply add a script on your existing page that will place a chat window in the bottom of the screen. When the customer comes the chatbot will great them and will explain that they can ask any question and will get an answer from it. It’s a perfect way to let everyone coming to your part of the internet know what they need to know.

These robots can be programmed to do all sorts of tasks. From answering questions to offering products. It’s up to you to decide what strategy you like best and to make the chat more interesting for the visitors. It’s proven that people who feel welcomed have a higher chance to buy something. Pages that look cold and uninterested for the fans coming there are more likely to be disconnected faster and without any purchase.

That’s why this option is excellent. There are lots of programming companies offering their own versions of chatbots online. Depending on your needs you can find simple bots doing basic tasks and up to bots who can pretend to be live people communicating like regular salespersons. You can visit sites like to know more about this.

Social networks

Serious companies and large corporations very fast understood how important social media is for their businesses. They created profiles on every important social network there is and tend to communicate as much as possible with the users of those networks.

Why are they doing this? Because people have a feeling that huge companies are out of their reach and it’s impossible to get close to them. By talking one to another like we all do every day, people get a feeling of closeness to them. This closeness creates a feeling of a bond between them and the company, thus, making customers feel like a part of the team. So, for example, if someone got into an online conversation with Coca Cola on their Facebook page, but no response from Pepsi, chances are big the next day this person will choose the first product over the second in the store.

This is how important social networks and communication on them is. If you’re running a company, it’s very important to have a profile on several social networks and hire a social network specialist who will run these pages. Answering and talking to normal people might seem like an easy job, but it takes a lot of skill and practice to know how to attract visitors to your webpage and turn them into customers. A good social network specialist can really make a difference in sales.


Blogging is a form that not everyone favors but it’s something that explains perfectly hat your business does. Through it, you’ll be able to tell the audience you know what you’re doing and gain trust. Once you convince them you’re selling a good product, they’ll be with you forever. You can check to know more about blogging and how it can help your business.

The reason why we say it’s not for everyone is that not many people love reading texts that are 4-5 minutes long. However, there’s no other way of explaining how things work. So, the best option is to both have a blog on your page and do social media marketing. It’s a win-win for everyone.