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Smart Ways to Select The Best Online Project Management Software

The very first question that arises in your mind in the context of choosing the right project management software for your ongoing and future projects is whether you really need such a tool or not. There are certain determinants that would help you understand the necessity of having a real-time system that can take care of the planning and execution of your projects. The software is also meant to help in all sorts of communications that occur among the project manager sand their team members, as well as with the clients or with vendors.

The following are some of the basic questions that you need to ask before zeroing on the best online project management tools for your organisation:

  • What is your budget for automating the in – office communication system
  • What is the dimension of the projects that you are currently engaged in or are likely to be involved with in the future
  • Are all the projects managed within the office, or some of them are scattered geographically and need to be accessed via online tools
  • What is the number of people engaged in completing the projects, right from the managers to the staff members involved

Satisfied with your answers? Now it is time that you start searching for the right tools to run and manage all the jobs involved.

Type of Project Management Software Needed By Your Organisation

The online project management software can mainly be of two types:

  • A solution on the project site
  • Totally web – based (SaaS)

Web – Based or SaaS solutions:- These software come with mobile access and are less costly. They are preferred by small business houses that would like to enjoy the good effects of a project management software while keeping the cost factor within limit. These systems do not require the installation of any specialised software or hardware, and hence the cost involved is considerably low. Connectivity through mobile is another big advantage of SaaS project management tools. You can connect to all your clients and vendors as well as all the personnel working on the projects easily using remote access tools.

On – Site Hosted Customised Project Management Solutions:- these are no doubt, more costly than the SaaS. However, there are some distinct advantages. These tools are mostly used by the large houses with huge projects. The software can be totally customised for the exclusive use of the particular type of organisation. Moreover, there is also much more safety attached to these systems. Here, you get to use your own servers, computers and network, so that there is no unauthorised access into the system. Thus your project is safe and protected. Moreover, big projects also need the systems to be tailored to their specific requirements.

Some Key Features of the Online Project Management Software

  • The project management tools all come with easy communication methodologies like the use of e-mails. Moreover, you can also let your presence felt in the various social sites by connecting all of them via the e-mail
  • Time management is a big issue while you are handling a project. These systems help you to keep proper track of time, so that deadlines are adhered to.
  • You can have the SWOT analysis done for the project to get the best possible output from the kind of feeding in you are giving to the projects.
Written by Alice Walker