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Social Media as Entertainment and Business Marketing Tool

Social Media as Entertainment and Business Marketing Tool

Entertainment and communication both are different phases of life. Earlier television and sports were the only medium of entertainment, while telephone and postal services were medium of communication. Technology has revolutionised every concept of life, so the internet is now the basic source of entertainment and communication. Social media is heavily visited platform in online world where more than 1000 billion people are busy. They are sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences through social media. Instagram is the most popular platform of social media tools. More than 600 million world population is engaged on Instagram. You can say Instagram is most heavily traffic site for not only communication but marketing as well.

Why people think to buy fans?

The word fan defines itself, one who revolves around your life is your fan. Like a ceiling fan, a real fan or follower on Instagram revolves around your life to know what is happening. You get two kinds of followers on Instagram, one who are truly interested in your life and second who just follow you out of courtesy but they are not at all interested in you. When you fail to gain natural fan following for your social media accounts you have to go for paid services. If you hire professional counsellor to boost up publicity of your account you have to pay a lot. Buy 200 instagram followers and this is certainly a cheap investment which results in several benefits.

When you have a lot of free time its good to follow others and request for follow back. It’s good to comments on other’s posts to convince them to like yours. If you have enough time to invest all energy for the whole day in searching whom you can follow or request to follow, it’s all good. If you have other responsibilities to do while Instagram is mere a communication or entertainment tool, you can’t sit whole day with keeping strict eye on your android phone. Especially when you are interested in online selling you can’t risk to wait people for joining you automatically. Buying Instagram followers is the right way to grow traffic on your site.

How buyed followers are helpful?

When you invest few dollars in buying followers you are gaining two things for sure i.e. people’s attention and online recognition. Buy 200 Instagram followers and tell those who were ignoring your profile because of lack of following number. Online selling through Instagram is automated service. When you share products on what’s app or other chatting app you have to share pictures one by one to all contacts. Among all friends some might like your products while some might think it as useless. You invest a lot of time and energy in convincing people to shop from you. Instagram is just automated source, just post your product and services on Instagram page. Keep on adding new people and you automatically get orders. There is only one concern that you should be highly active to answer every queries of followers. Thus Instagram is the most popular and easiest platform for online selling. No other platform announce your services at free of cost as social media do.

Written by Alice Walker