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Technology and their effects

Technology and their effects

We all enjoy the perks of using all the latest gadgets and devices as they offer convenience to us in one or more ways. Smartphones related to android are known for the most user-friendly devices that do not have any notable drawbacks. Hence, android stands out in being the most commonly used platform as compared to iOS and Windows. Other platforms have their own perks but even if we combine the both, the android addicted users aren’t in mood changing their preference as it is now too late for them to adjust to something new and different.

However, not all is good in using the android devices. For instance, you take photos, share them with friends, record videos upload it on online etc. thinking you are the only one having information and access to that data. This is where you are wrong as the prying eyes work regularly to gain access to your data. Once they are able to do so, they take your data captive and ask you to pay ransom amount in return or you may end up losing your data completely.

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In this case users are unable to tackle these threats and even stop doing what they love because of this fear. Hence, in order to help our readers, we took the time out to research a review an app for android that would eliminate such threats.

Photo Video Locker Review:

 An Android app by the name photo video locker works well to get rid of such threats.  This app uses quick data encryption and security algorithm to make it impossible for you to lose your photos or videos. Moreover, cloud backup feature is made available to help you recover data in any case.

Photo Video Locker Features are as follows:

  • Import data:

You can import desired photos and videos from the phone’s camera or gallery or even download them directly from the browser.

  • Create albums:

You can create personalized albums to manage videos and encrypted photos where you can organize and sort them as you prefer.

  • Login options:

Multiple login options such as setting a strong password, a pin code or a pattern to help you stay away from those who you do not trust.

  • Cloud backup:

Dropbox backup is available for you to upload your data to recover in case if you lose it.

  • Panic switch:

Panic switch feature helps you to switch to another app while you are around someone who you do not trust. Just shake, flick or place the palm of your hand on the screen of your smartphone to do so.

  • Hack attempt:

Furthermore, you can keep track of any snooping activities through hack attempt monitoring where your device would automatically take the snap of the culprit (who tries to access your phone with wrong credentials) and once they fail, you’ll know who exactly has been trying to capture your data.

Final Thoughts

So far this app seemed to be as per our expectations and did exactly as it explained or promised. However, cloud backup is limited to only one account where we’d recommend them to add more accounts as well such as Google Drive, Box Account and One Drive.

Written by Alice Walker