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The benefits and importance of UC-News

The benefits and importance of UC-News

UC-News is an app under UC web developed by Alibaba Mobile Business Group exclusively for India. The app gives trending news about all the categories including, Sports, technology, health, lifestyle and news. It is available for both android and iOS mobiles. Apart from news, the app also keeps a track of updates on social media. Before showing any news on user’s feed, the data from their UC web is personalized with their big data technology. UC News is currently available in English and Hindi and the company has plans to launch the app in other languages also.


Benefits of UC-News App:

  • Ø While you get detailed information on many news updates in other sites, on UC-News you would get latest updates on news of your interest as well as any breaking news.
  • Ø It has many channels and is as easy as using TV and has over 20+ channels.
  • Ø Using different channels on the same platform is possible
  • Ø News is currently available. In 2 languages
  • Ø You can always add or delete your choice of channels.
  • Ø You can customize it to just get the headlines of the latest news without getting into too many details.
  • Ø Not specified to a particular gadget. It is available on a smart phone, tablet of Android and iOS gadgets.
  • Ø Less ads
  • Ø Its offline reading facility helps the readers to read the topics anytime/anywhere.
  • Ø It even selects local Indian newspapers.
  • Ø It loads news faster.

Features of UC-News App:

  • Ø It has a clean switch between different channels like cricket, news, technology, movies, lifestyle and many more.
  • Ø The app also has a clear interface with different news portals and shows it to the user as per their interest. The name of the news source is displayed below the topic/story.
  • Ø UC News has a feature to share the story on other apps.
  • Ø It has the facility of night mode which you can use while reading in the dark/night.
  • Ø The app analyses the trending key words on social media and sends updates.
  • Ø Never get bored….It has some funny videos, jokes also available.
  • Ø Gives an option to comment on the news and exchange your views
  • Ø Gives live cricket scores
  • Ø The app can run even when there is low network connectivity or even low data in the gadget.

Why should you have UC-News?

The benefits of UC-News are clear which makes it most used app. The clean interface makes it more alluring for the reader. Only shows news that lies in your interest butdoesn’t let you miss the other topics. It continuously bridges the gap between the content originator and you and hence keeps sending alerts. You wouldn’t miss the most searched and discussed topics on social media as well. To add more it gives you freedom to express and share your thoughts on the stories at the convenience that is just like watching TV. All this at low data cost and low network connectivity and it’s free!

Written by Alice Walker