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The evolving Wireless Standards in the electronics world

The Internet of things is one of the fastest evolving technologies that is set to revolutionise the world. This is the integration of several gadgets along with internet connections that is yet to come. There are several technologies that are incorporated into the high class technology.  In order to make the technologies more economic, the wireless standards are being used in an integrated way. So, when you are dealing with the technology, you will come across certain aspects that form the wireless technologies.

Bluetooth: This technology has become comparatively old in the market. It is used to connect phones and send files. At present, 90% of the phones are connected by Bluetooth. This is a short-range wireless technology that operated with a given circle. The major advantage if the technology is that it consumes a little power. So, in the internet of things, it will be incorporated to reduce the power consumption. Once the technology fully comes into shape, it will be possible to connect distant gadgets and devices with the help of internet. Naturally, a lot of power consumption will take place. So, when this technology is incorporated into the Internet of Things, it will be economic.

Wi-Fi connectivity:Wi-Fi connectivity is faster than Bluetooth when you think of the wireless connection technologies. The latest versions of the technology enable connections to take place from a distance of 50 metres. However, there is a drawback in this wireless technology. It consumes a lot of power. So, it is not likely to be used in the Internet of Things. However, it the gadgets have a large processor that has the capacity to cater the power required to run the Wi-Fi technology, it may be used. But in the case of small gadgets, it is not a likely choice to be used.


Zig bee connectivity: This is another wireless technology that is based on the IEEE802.15.4 protocol. It is more powerful than the Wi-Fi technology and can establish connections between gadgets from a distance of 100 metres. The benefit of using this technology is that it has a low data consumption level. With the Internet of Things fast growing, it will result in economic consumption of data. So, you will realise that the connectivity is suitable for the technology. It required infrequent data exchange. It does not need a large processor and so, it can be used in the Internet of Things.

LowPAN (IPv6 Low-power wireless Personal Area Network) connectivity:This is an advanced technology that can be sued across a number of platforms like Ethernet, Wi-Fi and so on. The smallest devices can be connected to the existing devices using this technology. It will enable every device on the world to have its own identity in the form of an IP address.

Z-Wave Connectivity:This is a radio frequency protocol that can be used in order to ensure low power consumption. It is ideal for home automated devices and can reach a distance of 30 metres. This is also ideal for the internet of Things.

Although there are several modules proposed for the technology, the ones with low power consumption has to be incorporated.

Written by Alice Walker