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The journey from video games to other platforms!

The game we all love!

What are games: Games are a mixture of fantasy, adventure, drama and love stories clubbed together packed into one with a story board added to it. Such games have immense traditions of being the most successful and commercially viable games. There are a variety of games, based on adventure, based on fantasy, based on treasure hunts, based on races, based on sports etc.

The type of a game Super Mario: Juegos de Mario or Super Mario as we all fondly remember the game is a game which is a mixture of adventure, fantasy and also a small love story clubbed together with the help of a story board. Credits to the writers of the game as there is no such point where the gamer might feel bored or seek for an alternative game.

The theme of the game: Like most of the other games, the game is centrally themed around the victory of the good over the bad. No matter what, the good always prevails over the bad is the central idea. How effectively we are able to dictate the idea with our game play is what makes up the entire game. The background music provided has a blend of freshness and it has been used as a background score for many other commercial products and advertisements.

The statistics of the game: As per the statistics of the year 1998, a year which saw an overdose of video games globally, apart from another immensely successful game, Contra, the most successful and the most played game on the video game consoles was Juegos de Mario or Super Mario as we all know it. The games were available in the form of game cassettes and there was not a single cassette that was released without the game of Super Mario in it.


The reactions of users throughout the world: The gaming world had showered words of praise and positivity on the makers of the game, leaving no scope for negativity. The immensely popular game came as a respite to the people who would otherwise resorted to the vices of life to help them get over the stress and strain complimentary with life. It was a one of its kind game, and due to its nature and the adventure associated with it, it was soon launched to other platforms, where after the video game phased out, people could still enjoy their favorite game.


Written by Alice Walker