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The Guide to Using Instagram to Boost Your Website’s SEO and Online Marketing

The Guide to Using Instagram to Boost Your Website’s SEO and Online Marketing

Simply put, search engine optimization is just a process or a technique by which you make your website more visible to various search engines for specific and targeted phrases and keywords. It means that search engine optimization helps you to become more popular among your business competitors and get more clients and grow your business more. What will you feel is that how can a website be designated as the most popular or even the most relevant for particular keywords and phrases according to specific search engines? If you have this doubt or this question running inside your head, then you will understand that search engine optimization is not about just good content and link building, it goes way beyond that, in reality. In this article, you will learn how Instagram can be used to boost your website’s SEO. 

How is the growth of social media platforms helping the business owners?

It is entirely expected and understandable that the growth of social media platforms has led to many business owners and entrepreneurs to utilize such social media platforms to increase and enhance their search engine optimization efforts. The important thing which you need to know is that you will not require training for search engine optimization to use these social media platforms as it takes minimal effort to understand how these sites work and function. Big brands and business hire professional SEO companies to manage and maintain their social media accounts, but you can also easily do it on your own and increase your website’s popularity.

Instagram – The most popular photo sharing application

Instagram is one brilliant social media platform that has become quite popular since the time it first came in the public sphere in 2010. It is a photo sharing application basically, although you can share videos on it too. While it initially began as a photo-sharing app for Apple users, but in 2012 it was made available to Android users also. Instagram is an excellent tool to help you promote your business website and increase its popularity which can help your search engine rankings too. It can be used to promote your services and products and information about your business which will increase the organic traffic of your business website.

You can use the following tips to help promote your website.

  • Creating a theme which is focused

If you have made your Instagram account solely for your site or business, then you have to make this clear and evident right from the start. It will ensure that when other Instagram users visit your page, then they understand what your account caters to. That, in turn, will limit both you and your visitors from posting or visiting posts which are not directly related to your business.

  • Describing your images

As Instagram is primarily a service for sharing photos, so the appropriate way to put your content up is by defining the pictures or videos elaborately and accurately. Write short descriptions and add captions to your images. Even small descriptions will be useful and more productive than giving no descriptions at all.

  • Making good use of your hashtags:

In general, hashtags are most popularly used to create an association between the image you post to any specific subject matter or topic. Hashtags are somewhat like keywords, and they should be used in the same usual manner in which you would promote your own business website.

  • Engaging more with other businesses and users:

You have to go beyond just posting images of your business and services. You need to connect with various other users by giving comments and investing time in their pictures and posts. You would also be required to respond to the comments made on your images.  This engagement will help you in getting more followers which in turn will make your profile more popular as you will also be getting more followers.

You can visit a professional to learn about more useful and vital tips and techniques to increase your followers for Instagram and boost your Instagram business profile. Many companies offer Instagram packages as well. You can talk with the experts about your business as well as your promotional criteria, and they will help you to achieve the success you are looking for.


Search engine optimization is a critical aspect of business models today to successfully create a robust online presence for businesses of all types and levels. It is a necessity in today’s world of cutthroat competition because search engine optimization ensures that users find your business website with relative ease and visit your site rather the hundreds of other pages which they can find on the internet when they look for something specific. It ensures that people visit your website and this increases the probability of your site generating more sales and satisfied customers. More and more people will discover your business and thus help you to develop and grow your business more.

Using social media effectively to optimize your business website is a technique that all business owners need to apply. In social media, Instagram is the best platform as it offers minimal hindrances and provides outreach to millions of users for your business. Using Instagram to boost your website’s search engine optimization is easy and efficient. You can use the tips mentioned in this article to increase your business website’s SEO by using Instagram successfully. An Instagram profile is thus a necessary tool for a proper SEO process of your site. Hopefully, the information in this article will help you to grow your business more and generate higher revenues.

Written by Alice Walker