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The Importance Of Network Maintenance Services

The Importance Of Network Maintenance Services

Networking installations are subject to wear and tear and wireless networks are not an exception to it. The performance levels of wireless networks drop when their components get damaged due to dust, aging and environmental conditions.

The solution is regular network maintenance to keep them working without disruption. We recommend annual comprehensive inspection and maintenance of networks, especially for large scale commercial and industrial properties.

Understanding What Network Maintenance Is

The first step in network maintenance is to assess the essential requirements to keep it working smoothly. The maintenance experts will then assess the network system condition and decide which components need further examination. They will provide advice on the functional status of the system and recommendations to improve its performance.

Wireless networks work through routers and antennas. Therefore they require equipment, techniques and solutions suitable for their hassle-free functioning. It is a general perception that wireless systems use fewer components and will be subjected to much less wear and tear. This perception needs correction. Regular and careful network maintenance services are critical for proper functioning of routers, delicate antennas as well as copper and fibre optic lines.

Aspects Covered In Wireless Network Maintenance Services

The maintenance process is a complicated one because network installations are complex. So the maintenance experts adopt a systematic approach to repairs and maintenance of wireless networks.

We have vast expertise and experience in offering these network maintenance services and maintain high standards in our work. Here is a list of some important services provided by our technicians:

  • A comprehensive assessment based on through examination of the wireless network in use, and a report and quote for the work to be undertaken.
  • Conducting sweep tests for antennas and carrying out required modifications.
  • T1 testing as required.
  • Efficient troubleshooting ofInter-mod.
  • TRX/TRU installations.
  • Switch operation assessment and its maintenance.
  • BTS/NodeB operation and its maintenance.

Our network maintenance servicesexperts are trained to carry out hardware and software testing, upgrades(wherever necessary), and can replacehardware components too. A trusted wireless network maintenance company like ours always uses genuine spare parts to ensure that the system works smoothly.

Why Is Network Maintenance So Important?

So long as the system works smoothly, the issue of maintenance is sidelined. Some believe in cutting corners when possible and this could prove harmful for a wireless system in the long run. For this reason alone, we persuade our clients to enter into a maintenance contact.  Take a look at why network maintenance services are so important:

  • LessChances Of Breakdowns – Regular maintenancemeans regular examination and repairof parts of equipment and system. This naturally results in fewer breakdowns and interruptions in service andyou are assured of the smooth working of the system most of the times.
  • Higher Efficiency – Peak efficiency and advance problem alerts are the other benefits of having a well maintained network system. This also makes it easier to handle any unexpected disruption in the system in a shorter timeframe.
  • Cost Saving – Regular maintenance meansminimizing the long term costs. It helps increase the lifespan of the networking system and prevents major problems that could prove costly.
  • Continuous Up-Gradation Of The System- upgrading a network system is essential as communication technology is constantly evolving and becoming more advanced. Regular maintenance provides for regular updates to maintain the performance of the system and improve it if required. Timely upgrades have a positive effect on the efficiency of the network systems.

It’s a good idea to hire a reliable company that provides comprehensive network maintenance services.We will also handle emergency repairs or system upgrades so you will have someone on hand to keep the network in top shape.

Written by Alice Walker