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The journey from video games to other platforms!

The journey from video games to other platforms!

A video game has been a child hood buddy for most of us. Especially when we were sad, displeased with something and did not want to share the mood with someone else. Most of us remember the time when we used to sit for hours in front of the television sets, video game console in hand and pressing the buttons for hours together.

The video game platform: Juegos de Mario or Super Mario, when it was launched was basically a Spanish based game. Due to the immense popularity, the game was translated and adjusted to suit the requirements of the English gaming world. This meant that there were slight tweaks that were made to the Spanish model of the game, to make the game even more pleasurable. This was the icing on the cake.

The journey from video game platform: With the growth of technology and the micro electronics and nano electronics gaining immense amount of foot hold on the consumer market firms, the fairytale journey of video games and video game consoles had to come to an end. This was a very sad time for the gaming world and immense reactions started pouring out globally. Though the video games were replaced by computer games, the computers were very expensive back in the day and it was not everyone’s cup of tea to afford a computer.


The demand for the game: Slowly, the prices began to decline and thanks to the Veri Large Scale Integrated Circuits and Programmable Logic Controller devices, the sizes of the computers and also the prices had drastically come down post 2006-2007. Todays children are tomorrow s citizens. This adage was reflected even in the computer gaming world, as most of yesterday’s children were today’s grown ups and they had began to ask for the game to be redesigned to suit the Windows, DOS, Mac platforms.

The reaction of the makers: The makers of Juegos de Mario, or Super Mario were thoroughly impressed with the reaction of the masses. Although there have been reports of the makers of the popular game going bankrupt after the video games were phased out, the credibility of the sources could not be established. What was treated as a fairytale journey, which meant challenging the existing corporate and head honchos of the gaming world was about to continue on a newer and better platform. The journey still continues!


Written by Alice Walker