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The key features for an ideal attendance management system

The key features for an ideal attendance management system

Attendance factor is crucial for any organization as it also affects competence and productivity which means than better the attendance of the employees, more will be the productivity and thereby more will be profit of the company. Since this factor being so much of importance, it is important to have a system of employee tracking in place. Read More here.

An ideal attendance management system needs to have some necessary features such as:

It has to be mobile friendly: Since mobile phone has become a mini computer for many, a useful and practical system would be which has a mobile app. That allows managers to be in touch with the system and to know about employee attendance even when they are on a tour or when they are not at the computer.

It should promote honesty: If the system allows just putting in any time that would amount to dishonesty which is not right for any business. So, the time management system should have certain features such as photo capturing as it will capture the photos of the employees when they feed clock-in and clock-out. Such a feature allows complete transparency and there is no need for lies or excuses.


The need for a clock guard: The feature should have a clock guard which will help in payroll management as well. Such a feature is helpful because it will keep the managers in the know when an employee has come in or when he has signed off for the day. There is another benefit for the feature and that is, there is no wrong time keeping. So, the employees are happy that their hours of work is counted and appreciated, the managers also feel good that they will only have to pay for the hours that have been mentioned and agreed upon.

Friendly features: A good time management system will have options for different locations as per the various sections of the office and then have the system work for each venue. It is an easy system for employees as well as managers, as all they have to do is choose the department they are in and key in the clock-in time. Read More here.

The facility to customize: Having a customized attendance management system can be of great help as employees will have a sense of belonging to it. It should have the company’s logo and name so that it looks as if the system belongs to the organization. The logo in addition to bringing in credibility and identification, it will also help serve as a reminder to the employees about the time to report to work and may be, even of the work that needs to be completed for the day.

Self service: If the system or software does not have a system of self service for the employees, it will not serve the purpose. The system should be in such a way that it should be easy for the employees to fill in their details and timings.


Written by Alice Walker