Information technology systems are now an indispensable part of any business or organization. That is most especially true nowadays, when most files and information are stored now on the Cloud and accessible remotely through the Internet.

Thus, when such systems break down and an outage occurs, the business will be significantly affected. Employees will not be able to work, and you lose productivity. Sometimes outages can be a necessary evil – you have the task of maintaining your servers and computers after all.

However, that doesn’t take away the fact that you still lose productivity from an IT outage. You can’t blame your employees in this case, because how can they work if they don’t have access to what they need?

So, the question here now is – how do you prepare people for an outage in IT services? Your first step, of course, is to invest in an IT outage application or software. One such tool is DeskAlerts, which you should definitely take a look at.

Inform Your Employees in Real Time

Before this kind of technology ever came to reality, what people use to notify their personnel in the case of emergencies, like an IT outage, are SMS messages and email.

While these two work, the receipting of the messages is not always as prompt as what you want it to be. Nobody wants to use their phone in the office, for fear of disciplinary action. Email can take time to be received and, even then, your employees might not be able to read them as they might be distracted by work.

Uses of IT Outage Software

With DeskAlerts, however, you can make sure that your employees can receive the notifications. It pops up on their screen, and does not go away unless they read the message thoroughly and respond.

They could even blow past lock screens, so you can make sure everybody gets the message when you need them to.

This is also very useful in emergencies, when you need to inform your employees what to do to keep themselves safe.

Use It as a Survey Tool

Outage notification software don’t only send notification of emergencies to your employees; they can also be used as a tool to engage with your employees.

You can create a template that you can use to send surveys and polls to your employees. You can use this as a leadership tool to know what your people think of certain concerns, and what they can suggest. You can make your working a collaborative one!

Use It as a Marketing Tool!

If your employees’ screen are locked when they are away, you can use the software to force a corporate wallpaper into all of your workforce’s computers. This is an especially neat tool for further marketing, and very useful in establishments like hotels, restaurants and even supermarkets, with computer that are used for price scanning.

There are many ways through which you can benefit from the use of outage software. Contact the customer service department at DeskAlerts now to learn about how this wonderful product can be of help to your business.