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The Most Captivating Theater Experience from the NRG Acoustics HJ-17

The Most Captivating Theater Experience from the NRG Acoustics HJ-17

If you are looking for a rich 3D experience, right from the comfort of home, with rich media engaging you through complete immersion with the use of technology that captivates, then look no further than the NRG Acoustics HJ-17 Professional Home Theater system.

The success of a home theater system is largely dependent on the quality of sound it is able to produce, in the form of an experience that imbues the user into the captivating story unfolding progressively. Therefore, the features related to the sound system carry the most weight when it comes to choosing the best home theater system.


The NRG system is one of the most superior systems in the hometheater technology encapsulating a number of rich sound features including:

  • Human Ear Friendly Sound Technology – The use of multi-driver technology is very friendly for the human ear since it is configured to deliver sound to speakers with a specially formulated algorithm that closely mimics the sounds we are able to hear. The nature of the sound is extremely high quality and comfortable even after extended hours of viewing at your personal home theater.
  • Full Range of Frequencies – At the core of the sound technology is its ability to produce frequencies with a complete range that are not available even in quality sound systems available in the market today. Making a large range of frequencies available means that the sound quality is considerably improved and the home theater experience produced henceforth is much more superior to most devices available in the retail market.
  • Surround Sound – Sound rendered by the NRG theater system is designed to instantly create an environment, in your home through its 5.1 channel configuration to produce surround sound. By enabling five full-bandwidth channels, the NRG supersedes standards in home cinema through high-quality sound from all directions, right, left and center, accompanied by two distinct surround channels to complement the system capabilities.

Further to the sound technology, the NRG system also scores considerably better when compared to its competitors in the market. The theater system offered by NRG has an edge over its counterparts for a number of reasons.

One of the most useful features accessible through the NRG Acoustics HJ-17 Professional Home Theater system is associatedwith its ability interchange data with a number of computing devices. The NRG home theater also makes blue tooth connectivity option available for listening to music in the location of your preference such as your car or for projecting sound files from your tablet or mobile device onto the Bluetooth speakers.

Equipped with the latest advances in sound technology, the NRG system is designed with the goal of presenting the most enjoyable home theater experience.  To sum it up, the NRG system is the right solution to fit the needs of a highly advanced home theater, with the correct combination of unmatched sound technology and an optimal level of digitization for convenient device talk.

Written by Alice Walker