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Things You Should Consider While Choose Your Website Design

Things You Should Consider While Choose Your Website Design

In the age of digitalisation, a business website is still the jewel of a company’s online marketing initiative. How many times, you write the popular line “just check out our website for more information,” on your social post or marketing pamphlets, describing the importance of a business website. For any SEO strategy, driving traffic to your website is of paramount importance, but, to turn your visitors into your customers, the good design of your website is indispensable. Otherwise, people will move out of your website to your rivals to shop for a product or service. In a nutshell, a business website is your sales guy that connects with your clients, whenever you physically can’t meet them.

Is your website doing what is meant for? Is it functional? Or what is the conversation rate of the visitors? Here, in this post, we take a look at the top trends to follow in 2018, so, scroll down and take a look-


The animation is still there in 2018, redefining how websites are being communicated to its target audience. Animations are an easy way to tell your brand story in an efficient manner; it brings to life what the motive of your business. Not only the animations play a pivotal role in drawing visitors to your landing page, they are a powerful means to communicate complicated messages with your viewers in the right way without much difficulty. The animation helps in portrays a brand in the present digital world, in fact, it shares the story of your business in a dynamic manner. This is hiring one of the trustworthy web designers Essex to add animation to your business website; therefore research well to find the best in your town.


While, a majority of top brands worldwide are still in animation art, but, typography is still a popular tool employed by reliable web designers Essex to pull visitors to any business websites. The typography is an easy way to catch the attention of people. The sizes of typography can be varied largely to have a great visual presence on the website. Some top-ranked brand websites are playing with typography and use one of the fronts throughout the entire site. The varying of the fronts can be done to have great visual appeals.

Bold Colors

The bold colors are back and with a bang, contrasting colors signifies the authority of your brand in the market. Over the years, web designers Essex is investing in two or more colors mingling to create impressive visual designs. Bold colors usually have an emotional connection with your potential customer base; they are indispensable in telling a brand story and capture the attention of your target audience.

At the end of it all, there are several trends going around in the digital world, but to redeem the best, you are required to hire the right designer for this job. Ideally, interview multiple candidates, obtain more than one quotes, this will help you come across the best person for adding life to your business website

Written by Alice Walker