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Tips for buying liquid filling equipment

Tips for buying liquid filling equipment

There are many types and brands of liquid filling machines, from the slower semi-automatic liquid filling equipment to high speed packagers. Hence the choice depends on your need. Apart from speed, there are other considerations when buying a liquid fill machine including type of liquid filling equipment, product viscosity, and metering systems and fill rate.

Here are tips for buying a liquid filling machine:

  1. Determine how it affects the product: Matching the viscosity of the liquid with the type of machine ensures that the machine does not change the viscosity as could happen when you run the liquid through extra elbows, pipes, and pumps. That would mean changing your product and failing to meet the expectations of your customers.

You should identify whether your product is the very thick heavy-viscous type or the water-like semi-viscous type. Besides, viscosity also affects the type of metering system and the fill rate. That said, the fill rate or the how many bottles you fill per minute will determine the kind of machine you need – single handheld manual machine, semi-auto, an intermediate full line auto machine or fully automated and integrated system. This will help you achieve your production targets and expectations of the customer. The fill volume is also an important factor in selecting a machine in that some industries require a strict fill volume standard you might need to follow. The machine should help you with that.

Always consider first the characteristics of the product you want when selecting the equipment.

  1. Choose the filler depending on how the product dictates: Beverages and other free-flowing liquids go well with timed-flow or overflow machine. However, you might need a piston or positive displacement filler when working with a more viscous product. Apart from the beverage characteristics, the size, shape and type of container can dictate the machine type.

Timed flow fillers are volumetric fill machines. This means they deliver same product volume each time. These are best suited for very precise fills regardless of the shape of the container.

 However, you are likely to get an inconsistent look in the fill level with these machines if the container volume varies such as with the case of glass bottles.

  1. Understand the challenges of dealing with beverages with pulp and fruit pieces: Large variation in the size of the pieces such as occurs with pickles will always cause challenges in filling. These require special pumps and valves depending on their size and density and are hard to accommodate.
  2. Consider the ease of cleaning: The equipment you buy need be easier to clean and maintain. As a matter of fact, they fill machines should be made of FDA-approved sanitary materials. Keeping the nozzle clean is very necessary when filling bottles and it is essential to look for simpler design and equipment that do not have nooks and crannies that can encourage growth of microorganisms.

Buy machines with clean-in-place systems as a standard feature.

Besides, look for lightweight bottles without forgetting pricing and sustainability. Make sure that your filling technologies will accommodate bottle technologies that are lightweight and thinner. Lightweight bottles need kinder, gentler unscrambling and filling machines.

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