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Top 10 Samsung Gear Gadgets

Top 10 Samsung Gear Gadgets

Samsung is a well-known electronics product manufacturing brand established in the year 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul in Daegu, Japanese Korea. Headquarters of Samsung is situated in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung is known for their unique design and ultimate quality gadgets produced. After launching its first smartphone tablet back in 2010, nowadays Samsung is producing new gadgets in every 2-3 months. Products of Samsung are available worldwide and some are available according to the location. Customers can purchase the products manufactured by them at the official stores, local dealers, various e-commerce portals and on their official website also. Some of the unique and different from Samsung are mentioned below in this article. These gadgets are available at the official showrooms of Samsung as well as on some online shopping carts also. For any type of business deals or investments with Samsung in the United Kingdom, customers can visit Samsung head office UK.

Check out some of the unique and needy gadgets by Samsung available in the UK market.

  • Samsung Gear Icon X

Samsung Gear Icon X is a pair of wireless high sound quality earbuds for Android smartphones. It also works as an activity tracker which have the accelerometer, heart rate and capacitive touch sensors. It is completely waterproof and comes in a pill shaped case which is used for charging purpose also. Samsung Gear Icon X is compatible with some Android devices only, consumers can check out the compatibility at the official website of Samsung UK. In the UK, these are available on the official website of Samsung as well as on some of the eCommerce portals and official stores also.

  • Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is a new addition to the gear family. It is a virtual reality headset which will provide the user a 3D experience of VR compatible videos, games and apps. There are a number of other VR headsets available in the market, but the functionality and extra features in Samsung Gear VR are just fabulous. Trackpad along with special remote-control function is also available the complete new Samsung Gear VR. This product is also available in stores, official website and eCommerce portals in the United Kingdom.

Samsung Gear Icon X

  • Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit is a completely digitalized touch screen fitness tracker watch. Here users can easily track and interact with their fitness data. It can be configured through Samsung Gear app also. This fitness tracker is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy devices. To check the compatibility of Samsung Gear Fit, check out the official website of Samsung. This smart fitness tracker will tell the users about the distance traveled, steps count, hours of activeness and calories burned along with some other features also.  Check out the official websites for its complete features and where to buy it in your country. You can also Contact Samsung Customer Service for more information.

  • Samsung Gear S2 Wireless Charger

It is a wireless charger used to charge compatible gear watches. It is a very useful gadget for the customers who already owned gear watches. Consumers can easily charge their gadgets by just placing the gear watch on it and docking in the wireless charger in a power socket. This product is currently available on official website of Samsung and at some stores of Samsung also.


Written by Alice Walker