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Turn your smartphone into Baby monitor

Turn your smartphone into Baby monitor

The advanced technology has proven itself as a boon to the people. The technology can be applied in daily lifestyle.  In this era, parents can use their cell phones as baby monitor. Want to take care of your baby? Samsung and Micromax have introduced cell phones which can install applications that will ping you whenever your child cries or wakes up! Mobile phones are trusted more than people in this generation. Well, guess what? They can even be trusted with the babies now. Scott Steinberg, who is a technology expert and the author of the ‘Modern Parents Guide Series’ recently said, “We use cell phones to Skype, teleconference, and enjoy audio and video with friends and family. It’s intuitive that you’d be able to also use these devices to keep an eye on the one you love the most — your child.”

To pull this trick you will need two cell phones and connect them with the same WiFi network. There are many applications that can be used to do the task, select your favorite app and download it on both the cell phones. Point the camera of one cell phone that will act as a baby monitor at the crib of the baby. With the market flooded with ample number of baby monitoring applications, it is hard to choose which the best suitable app is for your baby. Here are the top 3 applications which can be used as baby monitoring applications.

  1. Cloud Baby Monitor:Cloud Baby Monitor application is available only for $3.99 on the android appstore. This is an amazing app that broadcasts audio and video by which you can keep a close eye on your child. You can record every movement and coo of your child and even sing it him/her to sleep. The application has inbuilt lullabies and white noises which can put your child to sleep. Also it detects motion and extra noises which can indicate if your child is in trouble.
  2. Dormi: The application provides unlimited usage in just $8.99. This app also offers audio and video facility to keep a check on your child. Even if you are busy with your phone, or on a call, the app will notify you with a vibration if the child starts crying, needs something or is in trouble. This app has a specialty that is works at any distance. It can work on WiFi as well as cellular networks and it allows you to connect as many Android devices as you need.
  3. Baby Monitor 3G: This is an app which is available on both the operating systems i.e., on Apple as well as Android. It is available for only $3.99 and transmits live snaps and videos of your baby’s room. In addition, it notifies via vibration and also lets your baby hear your voice. It has a security encryption which protects all the communication. The app works with any internet connection.

Transform your cell phones into baby monitors and take care of your child in a more convenient manner than ever before. You can continue doing your work, and you won’t need to spend your bucks on baby sitters.

Written by Alice Walker