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Ultra wide monitors are the future for gaming

Ultra wide monitors are the future for gaming

You have probably seen music producers, workers or gamers that use a multi-screen setup at the same time. These monitors could display much information at once, however, they are very hard to set up, and also they are taking too much space on your working area. In order to solve this problem, many manufacturers agreed to make and release ultra wide monitors for gaming that have 21:9 aspect ratio, which is different than standard ones of 16:9.


Many owners stated that these monitors are perfect and productive both on night and day and that buying them is a pretty decent investment.  Ultra wide monitors for gaming are different by shape and size from the standard monitors and what is maybe most important they are made in different aspect ratio. They are made with 2560×1080 and 3440×1440, and that depends on the size of the screen. If the density of pixels is bigger that means that you can fit more games, videos or programs on the same desktop. The main benefit of these monitors has increased working space and a greater sense of immersion while gaming.


Ultra wide monitors for gaming:

If you work from home or playing professional video games it is better to choose ultra wide monitor because it will give you the possibility to do several projects at the same time which is good for the timely manner if you are on deadline.

We have to mention gaming because ultra wide monitors will give you big field of view with no bezels that could interfere in the center; it is similar to dual monitors. They will always give you an advantage in games such as Rocket League and League of Legends because you will be able to see more field of battle and that will give you the possibility to act faster than anybody who has a standard monitor.

For racing games and flight simulations, ultra wide monitors are amazing, particularly those with a curved screen and greater resolution.  If you are a fan of FPS genre, you should change the resolution of the game because HUD elements could be pushed away to your peripheral vision which will enable you to act fast and that is why standard monitors with 16:9 ratio are better for this kind of games.

Cinema experience:

Ultra wide monitors are amazing for watching movies, especially if you are huge scenery fan because you will have a feeling that you are in your own cinema. If you include it with great sound bars you will get the perfect and comfortable satisfaction that you always wanted to feel.


When you decide to buy anultra wide monitor you should be certain that your computer can handle. Analyze your graphic card and see if it is compatible with it, if it is, then your problems are over, however, you don’t want to buy this kind of monitor without double checking your system and all features that could interfere with picture quality.


 Purchasing ultra wide monitor is a great investment that could give you the possibility to act better if you are a professional gamer or graphic designer. However, you should understand its qualities and features before you decide.

Written by Alice Walker