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Understanding Coworking

Understanding Coworking

Modern technology and progressive work places are increasingly helping people find better home-life balance. However, there will always be a need to work in a specific setting, even though those settings may vary based on the job or the individual working. One new type of office environment is coworking.

What is coworking?

Coworking is a revolutionary alternative to working strictly from home or strictly in the office. The concept is to offer extreme flexibility while maximizing productivity as well. The term is typically used to describe what happens when at least two, possibly more, people work at the same place but not necessarily for the same organization or company. There is one functional working environment available to use for many different people across many different companies. Some people may utilize this on a full time basis while others may only use it on occasion.


What is it like?

Coworking enviornments typically have a very collaborative design and resemble cafes in design. It offers a relaxed environment where people can feel like they are part of a community even if they usually work alone or from home. Many people find they are more productive in this kind of setting because they know they are there to work and do not get the same type of distractions they would at home or in their normal office.

CoWorking Benefits

All methods of working have their own benefits and coworking is no exception. Coworking enviornments make people feel like they belong and also offer many sustainability benefits. They are usually very creative areas and can help get minds going in ways other enviornments may not be able to. It offers all the benefits of an office setting with the freedom of freelancing—what is not to love?

Extrovert people who work for themselves or from home seem to benefit the most from coworking settings. Extroverts usually need people to thrive and do not do well when they are secluded for long periods of time. It could even be a place to find your next opportunity or some great like-minded friends.

Many of these spaces also offer many amenities to their users. Kitchens, snacks, coffee, and other beverages to help make the experience more enjoyable. Printers, internet, rooms for meetings, and comfortable places to collaborate and work are also common to find. They offer all the conveniences of working in a café or coffee shop without the distractions.

Downfalls of Coworking

The main problem with coworking is that is does cost money. However, many people will find the expense far less than setting up their own office or paying rent for an office space. There may also be unexpected interruptions and noise that some people may find distracting or inconvenient. It seems like most people find coworking a great way to add variety to their working life and use it as part of a rotation with a schedule working at home or in a traditional office. People who travel for their jobs may also find coworking beneficial because they do not have to take printers or other supplies with them on the road.

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