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Ways to promote your you tube videos

Ways to promote your you tube videos

You tube is full of videos. Around the world the videos get uploaded every minute. It’s an important matter on how to market and promote the videos to get popular. There are plenty ways to promote your videos. Here are some of them useful in promotion of videos. Get real views here.

Create a you tube channel

The people who are serious and want to earn money with you tube create a your you tube channel. The youtube channel should have an authentic name to negotiate it from other channels. The youtube channel consists of playlists. Upload more videos on your youTube channel. With this the playlists will be useful. The playlists are used to show the videos of your channel at the end of the video. When people watch a video of your channel, while the video finishes two or more videos show case on the video. This is because of playlists. The playlists increases the search rankings. It’s helpful in auto playing your next videos and make people stick to your videos for some more time. The youTube channel allows more opportunities for people to see your videos.


  Make likes and subscribers

If you have a you tube channel it’s obvious to get subscribers and likes too. It’s a way to engage people with your videos daily. You need to post the videos in a convenient time. It should be like daily, couple of days or weekly. Be careful in not prolonging the days more in uploading the videos. It’s important to ask people to like and subscribe to your channel at the end of the video. As people may not know or forget. It helps in creating network and increase popularity for your videos. The time and days are also important in uploading the videos. Like evening time and weekends is the best option to plan for posting to get more likes. Learn more about how to get real views here.


Interact with the people

It’s the important factor in marketing for your videos. You need to talk with people for asking them to watch your videos. For this you need to comment in popular videos. Share your videos, thumbnails, and links of your channel. Response to the viewers comments and takes their views in improving their videos. It makes them to fix with your channel. Create search keywords with tags and increase search rankings. Interact with the people in more social networking sites. Make blogs and websites if possible to promote in different ways. Try to provide keywords for search to get your videos first. It improves high search rankings of the videos. This increases the search engine results of your channel.  Provide detailed information of your videos in this blogs with reviews and the description should sound interesting for the audiences to watch your videos. Be an active user in all the areas of social media to have consistency with the viewers. These are some of the ways to market for your videos on you tube.

Written by Alice Walker