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Websites role in providing Free SMS service

Websites role in providing Free SMS service

Today’s generation are fascinated upon chatting, video calls, voice calls, social networking sites etc. A part of many social networking sites, people are daily workers on sending plenty of messages like job wise, professional deals wise or enjoyable fun wise. Many people who are addicted to chatting are a harmful drawback with the usage of these services. To overcome busy and hectic schedules people are willing to spend their time in terms of chatting like an entertainment prospective and there is a drawback residing with it is; sending messages is a cost oriented besides there is an utmost importance worldwide. Probably some sites offering these services with authenticated registration. However increased numbers of users let companies offer this site of Free SMS service of sending messages without registration too.

Consider a website named a free Sms:  Let us discuss this site of Free SMS service followed by the simple steps involved for sending unlimited messages without registering your mobile number.

Simply you just need to type the destination number to whom you want to send a message. Thereby type your message and finally type the verification code and finally click on send option. It shows a message successfully delivered.

This is the only procedure carried out offered by many sites.


Choosing these services as a marketing services option: 

These services are a right platform for all the users who keep on sending messages unlimited number of times like promotional messages, alerts, notifications etc. Furthermore when it is compared to email drafting, this service is much more appropriate and attains faster delivery. In fact messages can be opened automatically but it is not possible in emails. Moreover it acquires higher rate of users actions regarding your message that might be a promotional message those are subscribed and quite reliable feature and along within a short message oriented feature where it inculcates a direct strategic approach from sender to receiver unlike other messenger protocols.

Let’s differentiate some of the key points of SMS and a Free SMS services:


  • In fact all the mobile users use messages services accordingly with a limited cost and time intervals. Even though this message services acts as a powerful factor with its huge demand worldwide.
  • Actually there is a time for effective and sensitive messages only this service is beneficial previously. But due to addiction free SMS takes a part in today’s society.
  • In mobile phones people generally receive messages which are junk, or spam messages that are probably ignored as SMS is cost oriented.

Free SMS:

  • This service is originated to provide short messages rather than providing messages with much space. It means it is a direct and strategic approach oriented unlike SMS that are cost varied.
  • Try to ensure yourself that according to TRAI regulations you have an accessibility of sending messages to destination mobile number only but it should not be branded or promotional messages by demolishing the protocols concerned.
  • Be alert that using this service, you don’t have any right to send suspicious messages that will be clearly noticeable in e-commerce application features.
Written by Alice Walker