Enhancing the existing customer service while keeping up with the technological advances of the new ages is essential if companies wish to remain in the game. The primary expectation of any customer as businesses switch to internet-based apps and websites is faster and effective communication with results that surpass expectations. This connection should be steadfast as and when the time arises, and it should be available on all devices. This is where retailers must design an effective digital strategy that brings together all their digital touch-points and in-store activities that create a seamless consumer experience. The omni channel retail system can flourish only when there are proper research and analysis of the consumer base before making decisions.

The challenges faced by companies that opt for omni channel marketing.

Focusing on semantics

•    There should be more focus on the proposition of the plan to attract consumers and increase the customer base rather than differentiating between multi-channel marketing and omni channel marketing. The essential part is to provide the consumer what they want, and fighting with competitors in a world that has blurred channels. The important part of any marketing strategy is to work on plans and moves that reflect the customer expectations today.

Lack of consumer insight

•    Customer need and customer value are essential for companies that don’t have a killer offering and virtually no competition. This is essential for those companies that are in dire need of consumer segmentation, and need a target audience for selling the product. Omni channel retail companies that have no separate data to treat consumers differently are not doing their job right.

There is a difference between you and others.

•    The omni channel marketing experience is divided into two spectrums, one side which believes that the consumer experience is enhanced only by this technique, and one side that believes that the whole concept is ridiculous, such as Amazon, who have no retail stores. The task to identify and study your customer base is your task, without comparison with Macy’s, Amazon, or Nordstrom. A marketing strategy that is not abstract and focuses on your consumers, your company’s present and future plans, and your competition are what set the path straight.

Focus on the wrong data

•    Acquiring wrong data such as same-store sales, gross margin rates, and sales per square foot will land retailers nowhere. The essence is in finding and manipulating the right data acquired the right way. Things to focus on include growth in key customer segments, segment profitability, traffic conversion and retention rates, and cross-channel browsing behaviour.

Neglecting relevance during an interaction

•    ‘Me-too’ism needs to stop. Retailers who pass on conversations to their customers to earn brownie points with every consumer usually end up in the drain when it comes to marketing strategies. Learn the consumer’s current needs and learn it for every different consumer. Treat each one differently. This brings the customer based approach to the spotlight, which is the need of the hour.

Thus, omni channel marketing can have its downfalls and be cautious can prevent companies from making grave mistakes.