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What Happened to Apple’s Manufacturing Plant in India?

What Happened to Apple’s Manufacturing Plant in India?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing every possible thing to make the dream of ‘Digital India’ come true.

When Tim Cook visited India in May, he opened up some significant possibilities of Apple setting up a manufacturing plant in India. He shared his vision of manufacturing and retailing of Apple products in India with PM Narendra Modi.

First Pegatron Technology, and later, Foxconn, the reputed manufacturers of Apple were in the news. They were rumoured to be setting up manufacturing units in India. However, PP Chaudhary, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, has clarified that these rumours were … well … just rumours!

The minister made it clear that the government has not received any proposal from Apple for opening a manufacturing plant in the country. Although, it must be noted that in May, Ravi Shankar Prasad, the then Telecom Minister had, in fact, discussed with senior representatives of Foxconn the possibility of a manufacturing unit in India. Mr Prasad was hopeful at that time. However, that meeting seems to have amounted to nothing as we’re yet to hear of any progress on the matter.

Amidst all speculations, the only shred of fact we have is this: Apple hasn’t filed for an official permit for manufacturing yet!


Why is Apple delaying in applying for a manufacturing permit?

Again, as there is nothing official from Apple for us to work on, we can only go about the news reported by the prominent Apple blog in India and assume that Apple may be apprehensive to take the first step due to either of the reasons:

  1. Having some not-so-overwhelming experience in India related to its sales  Apple may be waiting to better familiarise itself with the Indian market. To identify and analyse the problems first. Once they’ve understood the market well, they can then find the right time to establish an Apple manufacturing plant in India.
  1. Alternatively, it’s possible that during the negotiations on the issues, the government of India had advised Apple to take it little slow. It’s an open secret that there is a strong and vocal lobby against Apple’s expansion in India. Maybe Modi has asked Cook to bid his time until the resistance has died down.

In the wake of no hard evidence, we’re just as much in the dark here as anyone else. While we certainly believe that a manufacturing plant would do us a world of good, we would rather it be done late than be a massive failure. Apple will get only one shot at this, and we want Apple to hit it out of the park. So if Apple is willing to wait, so are we.

Let’s take this down to the wire, Dhoni style! :)


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Written by Alice Walker