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What is Digital Media Production and how is it Used?

What is Digital Media Production and how is it Used?

A lot of people are aware of or have heard of digital media, but how exactly is it produced and where is it used? Let’s take a little look:

What we know as digital media production is the way in which digital files are developed, enhanced, encoded, and then distributed using differing types of processing via computer hardware and software applications. These types of files can serve as various media types, including audio, video, graphic, and written content as one can very easily see on the World Wide Web.

These sorts of media are usually specially coded to behave in a pre-determined platform or environment. The production of digital media by Yes Open dominates as the essential discipline for the formulation of digital music, streaming video, and other similar content which is made available for mass audiences. This area of industry makes it possible for the whole world to view and hear things not only alternatively, but with much more imagination.


The designation of digital media production is on the change constantly,as the frontiers of modern technology expand by the day. In many cases, it can apply to the advancement of video productions, as in digitally enhanced animation, or new forms of media creation, which can include:

  • Website building and creation
  • Multimedia authoring
  • Development of computer games

Due to digital media being based on the binary numeral system, (which refers to the individual states of zeros and ones as a representation of data), the variant types and possibilities for creation are unbelievably infinite as technology moves forward. Digital media production has now come to consolidate an area that is presently responsible for numerous processes, which then has even more potential to establish media of many genres, categories and styles.

Science and Technology

For a very long time and prior to the 1980s, media outlets relied heavily on print and it was graphic art employing base, analogue techniques, like those utilised in TV and radio broadcasting, to exchange ideas and entertain the world’s audience.

The production of digital media by Yes Open

While technology slowly developed and then sped up during that era, the appearance of the media and the methods behind its production converted it into a science. This science combines the use of one or more PC workstations, particular software, and imaginative and creative technicians developing a steadily moving and shifting for of art.

Transformed Forever

After the pace and face of media changed not that long ago, it changed permanently, and so did the basic components within the realms of

  • Music
  • Film
  • Television
  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Individual communication

The creation of digital media management standards, has also certainlyhad an influence on one of the earliest and most authoritative technological inventions in known history.

The printing press has seen a total transformation occur with technology through digital image manipulation and software which can now effectively let just one person at a workstation perform as an:

  • Author
  • Editor
  • Publisher

And printerof his or her own publication.

Digital technology – how did we live so long without it?!

Written by Alice Walker