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What Is The Importance Of Free Website Security Scanner?

Securing the web application or the website in these days is mainly overlooked by most of the enterprises. Thus, hacking has come up to the rise with an increasing rate of 75% of the cybercrimes done through the web applications. Most of the corporations nowadays are securing their data at the network level but they are actually not putting much botheration to secure the data through the web applications. They have actually overlooked that whether the website is vulnerable to attack or not. Hence, important steps should be taken in protection of the website and maintain the web application security.

PT BBS - Free website security scanner

Keeping in mind the problems or the hacking attacks that may affect the security of the web applications; the websites have introduced certain steps like

  1. For delivering the services to the customers, the web applications should remain online and available 24*7.
  2. This indicates that the websites are always available publicly to the viewers, and it cannot differentiate between the legal users and the hackers.
  3. For functioning in the right manner, the web applications should be having the direct access to the backend database that is having the sensitive information
  4. Most of the websites are customized as per the requirement of the users and they hardly move through the quality assurance check for ensuring further security.
  5. Due to the lack of awareness of the nature and type of the hacks, organizations think the application layer under the network layer that can be secured easily.

Hence, it is not sure that the web applications are properly secured or not. There are various tools that help in the scanning of the website. One such application is the PT BBS – Free website security scanner. This tool is provided by the company Positive Technologies. It is the free tool that helps to check the vulnerability of the website and whether it is having any hack attacks or not.

  1. It is simple and free

This software is very simple to use. It is one of the greatest features that make it more preferable among the users. This is also free. You do not need any money for downloading this tool.

  1. It provides accurate results

Another important feature of using PT BBS – Free website security scanner is that it provides the accurate results of scanning to the users.

  1. It is universal

You can use this tool everywhere. Whether you are using one single website or you are having 100, this tool will check the hack attack present on the web application.

Hence, PT BBS – Free website security scanner is among the best software to scan the web applications.

Written by Alice Walker