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What Your Digital Marketing Company Does For You?

What Your Digital Marketing Company Does For You?

How fast the digital marketing world change is enough to make you think twice about what you are doing. One of the best choices you can make for your business is to expect those shifts, educate yourself on trends, and adapt your strategies along the way.Adapting and learningabout developing trends can make the difference between being a Netflix or blockbuster.

It can be hard trying to think about where to devote attention and time to, so the best thing to make it work for you is to keep it simple and think about which trends you are going to ignore and which are worth your time and effort.There are a lot of agencies with trained people in the marketing area like Vivatraffic – SEO agency. You don’t need to learn everything yourself, but even if you want to work with a company you should know the basics.

Facebook ads

Traditional media is still more expensive than Facebook ads. There is no question why they remain the most effective way of advertising available today in terms of results and cost. Also, as organic reach continuous to drop, it is a normal option for anyone wanting to get to the next level.

Also, Facebook constantly changes ad formats, placement, targeting, and creative options, all made to help businesses reach their goals.

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Content and context marketing

Original content and demand for higher quality has never been this popular. Users are consuming content more frequently, faster, and via many different options. To be and make what your audience need, today, you have to be a work of force and also you need to make sure you made the perfect choice for where to do the marketing. Combining context marketing with your content marketing strategy will help you send the right message at the right time to the right people.

Video marketing

Mobile video usagehas risen by another 35% in 2018 and also video marketing generates 66% increase in leads. With that said it really is the next best thing tointeract with your users in the way they will be more comfortable and that is in person.

Virtual reality tech has also gained traction promising even more of an interactive consumer experience in future. Maybe now is the best time to include videos in your marketing strategy because it will for sure bring good results.

Reality exposure

Consumers are jaded and skeptical after decades of hyped marketing tactics and so-called and self-claimed gurus and high-profile hotshots posing in front of friend mansions and lease Lamborghinis. Most of them proved to be nothing more than a smoke and mirrors act leveraging their image to persuade consumers into buying the products.

That scene fades to black these years as consumer tolerance lowers for the fake phony and fabricated. As a result, we are going to see more humble Fiats replacing those flashy Lamborghinis. The market is hungry for authenticity and transparency.


There has never been a time when know, like, and trust has been so crucial to not just business success, but business survival. This is why building and serving a community of your ideal target market should be a core focus of your marketing strategy. You can engage with your community on social media, but email is ideal as it offers more control and remains an effective system to nurture relationships. Whatever route you take, investing in a community of your own is sure to pay off in dividends.

Chat bots and messaging tools

Over 3 billion people in the world are using messaging tools on mobile or PC and even than companies are struggling going in this massive trend. Nowadays, users use social media applications for messaging more than just looking for something or posting. So these years you can certainly expect marketers and brand to invest more resources, time, and effort for connecting withusers on messaging platforms. You can to do things like let your customers ask questions, shop, send content to them using these automatic chatbots and messaging tools. Read more here.

Digital companies are always looking for a better way to promote your business. The tactics are constantly changing as technology does. It will be harder in the future as more options you will have, but adapting is the best way to be at the top.

Written by Alice Walker