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What’s the best place to outsource creative content writing

What’s the best place to outsource creative content writing

Writing online has become a booming business and most sought after profession for many people who do it either for their love of writing or as a means to a livelihood. You have a great many writers on hundreds of websites that offer specialized writing services on practically any topic under the sun. However, what needs to be seen is the quality of the stuff they offer and whether they are viable options for outsourcing your content requirements. In other words, are they really worth considering?

You need to always bear in mind that good content will reap enormous benefits for your site.  Bad writing, on the other hand, like a bad back-link is bound to seriously affect your ranking abilities. This article will take you through some selected sites that offer quality writers on almost any topic and ensure that the client is happy at the end of the day. These sites, through their wide network of experienced and trained writers, fulfill your entire content requirements, and, more importantly, within your specified standards and budget.

One of the leading and most popular sites for content outsourcing, Contentmart, ever since its inception, has been shooting up the popularity charts. It has turned out to be an ideal platform for mutual and fruitful interaction between clients and writers, both at the national and international levels.  Clients are constantly posting jobs for writers to bid on them and once the job is assigned and completed, the writer is assured of his payment. The client has to deposit the amount with the site first and the writer gets paid after necessary commissions and taxes are deducted. Re-writes are permitted if the client isn’t satisfied.

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If you’re looking for budget writers, try Fiverr. If it’s a small job particularly, you can get it done for as low as $5. Fiverr considers article writing as a popular “gig” rather than a business, and writers come aplenty. So you’re spoilt for choice. However, because of the large number of writers working for this site, undercutting each other is common. However, remember that cheap always doesn’t mean good and you have to test samples of writers you wish to employ for your jobs. But the overall writing standard is good. A reliable and reasonable site, overall.

oDesk, Craigslist & eLance

These sites too, have made their mark as reliable content outsourcing places. Their working principles are more or less the same: Freelance jobs are listed on these sites and you can either list your requirements for content writing while writers will make bids on the job. The writers list is also given on these sites and you could simply go through them and select one that suits your needs. Since the pricing isn’t fixed, you may also find premium writers who charge higher fees. The best quality articles could cost between $30 and $75.


iWriter is yet another dependable site which allows you to choose your writer’s quality and keep them enlisted permanently. This way you are assured of quality. However, you actually can’t dictate who’s to write your content. All you do is supply the titles, instructions, keywords and list your favorite writers and transmit your message. If you locate the right writer, your job is done. Free re-writes are allowed.

Additionally, asking around and recommendations from friends also help enormously in locating the right talent for content outsourcing. These may, however, be a trifle expensive but are most likely to increase traffic & sales on a site.

Written by Alice Walker