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Which Prepaid Plan is tailored For You?

Which Prepaid Plan is tailored For You?

We suggest a range of excellent prepaid plans from Airtel, with the added benefits of online mobile recharge and superfast browsing speeds.

When the first mobile phones made a foray into the Indian market, most users bought prepaid connections. Except for those with heavy daily usage, prepaid connections made perfect sense since the earliest mobile phones were used only for calling and texting.

But today’s mobile phones, backed by the power of the Internet, do so much more than the basic calling and texting functionalities. They offer unlimited access to the world, and help you with a variety of tasks from banking to shopping. This is why many people today have made the switch to postpaid connections, since they have a high usage for their phones. Besides, they don’t want the regular hassle of online mobile recharge of their phone connections and monitoring if their usage is within the pack limits.

But if your phone usage is not very heavy, and if you rarely ever need to even top up your prepaid plan for the month, then a prepaid plan is best for you.

How to select the best prepaid plan

  • First off, start by looking for a leading prepaid plan provider like Airtel.
  • When you select the mobile service provider, study their available prepaid plans. The provider should have at least three plan options to choose from.
  • Study the features and benefits of each plan. For instance, if you choose the Rs 448 prepaid plan from Airtel, you get 84 days’ validity, and unlimited local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Find out the recharge options provided. Online mobile recharge is best, since you can recharge or top up the connection from anywhere, at any time. Online mobile recharge can be done using the provider’s website or their smartphone app.
  • Study the different uses and benefits of using the prepaid plan provider’s smartphone app. It should let you do the online mobile recharge, as well as pay postpaid and broadband bills, as also recharge the DTH connection.
  • Check the data speeds being offered. The more the data transmission speed being offered (in mbps), the higher is the speed of download and upload.
  • Some service providers like Airtel allow the prepaid plan to be clubbed with a single Airtel family plan.

Thus, a prepaid connection is best if you want an affordable monthly plan and if your phone usage is not too high. The prepaid connection lets you use up the data you have already paid for, while helping you curb your current usage. In case you run out of data, you can easily recharge the mobile online or request for a top up.

Written by Alice Walker