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Why is Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Popular?

Why is Linux Dedicated Server Hosting Popular?

Linux dedicated server hosting is popular amongst businesses for many reasons. Dedicated servers will need an operating system and you can choose between Linux and Windows, depending on the nature of your applications. Dedicated hosting plans are costlier than either shared hosting plans or VPS plans because these offer unlimited resources to handle large volumes of traffic. However, these are found to be most suited for businesses which get a lot of internet traffic and those which sell products and services to online customers. When you have decided to sign up for dedicated hosting, you will need to also decide on the kind of operating system you will run.

What benefits can you get from Linux dedicated server hosting plans?

  • To start with, Linux dedicated server hosting plans provide a very high degree of flexibility for its customers. It is possible to create and maintain blogs and sites, forums and multimedia applications using this OS. Since Linux was built under GNU or General Public License, you are expected to only install the necessary components. So, you can save a lot of hard drive space. Most of its distributions, except for Red Hat, are free of cost and ready to work for all users.
  • Another important advantage which you can enjoy with Linux dedicated server hosting is that of simplicity and high speed. When you compare this with Windows plans, you will find that these are more user-friendly. Even the non-technical members can use it seamlessly. The installation is easy and the pre-installed software for extension and modification makes Linux plans more popular. All businesses which have chosen Linux hosting appear to enjoy better site speed and performance.
  • As far as security and reliability go, Linux dedicated server hosting is highly trustworthy. With growing threats from hackers and viruses, security of data is of utmost value.

  • Linux dedicated server hosting is also backed by excellent technical supports. The vast community support which Linux users can avail of can help them troubleshoot all types of technical issues.
  • Since Linux is open source platform, it is free of cost and therefore cost-effective for customers. Entrepreneurs will always be attracted to pocket-friendly solutions. There are no licensing fees involved in Linux hosting, as compared to Windows plans. Server applications such as the DNS server, FTP and web servers are easily downloadable for free.
  • Linux is known to extend support for all kinds of popular scripting languages. So, when your site uses PHP or Perl or MySQL, you can depend on Linux hosting. These will not run in a Windows setting. Some users even claim to get higher scalability through Linux dedicated server hosting solutions.

These are some of the main reasons why Linux dedicated server hosting has so many takers. However, before signing up with any host, it is important to ensure you get the features you need for your website to grow seamlessly. Since some web hosts offer free trial periods, it may be wise to sign up for these trials. These will help you test a host’s plans before you actually buy them. In case you are not satisfied with their services, you can always ask for refunds. Linux dedicated hosting is good for businesses which must work with limited funds. This is because this is an open source system. It is also compatible with open sources content management systems like Drupal and Joomla. Your choice of a provider should depend upon the kind of support it can guarantee, its uptime guarantees, data security measures and scalability it offers.

Written by Alice Walker