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Why The DJI Phantom 5 Is The Next best Thing

Why The DJI Phantom 5 Is The Next best Thing

Droning, if you still don’t understand the pure concept of droning, you might think that this is a sport and it can be if you put your competitive spirit in it and make something out of it. But drones are actually popular not as a sport but because of videos. When drones came out competing against action cameras, people think that its just a fad and the next best thing are 360 cameras and that is what they got it all wrong.

You see while 360 cameras and action cameras offer this personal dynamic range that you cant find in any other cameras, droning is perfect for the most part as far as videography is concerned. Why? Just think about it, if you watch a movie would you prefer watching a person running with a GoPro in his hand or would you rather watch a stunning aerial shot along with some cool music? If you know the heavy hitters in YouTube like Casey Neistat and Peter McKinnon they don’t do gopro, they vlog with their DSLRs and they use drones alot for transitions.

DJI’s Best: The cream of the crop, the best of the best in the business right now is the company called DJI. While GoPro is in a spiral of losses, DJI has been winning and has released a ton of drones over the past years and each of those products were highly successful and one of their latest is the DJI phantom 5 drone. Yes people you heard it right, their phantom series has reached it’s 5th reiteration.

DJI phantom 5 drone

You all are familiar with the phantom series because it’s their first product , it was huge, it wasnt foldable but it was undeniably good and because of that success, is paved the way for DJI to make more drones like drone x pro that are smaller and foldable. But even if the Phantom is bulky, big and not foldable, it’s still has an appeal and given it’s upgrade, it’s only getting better and better.

The DJI Phantom 5: While there’s still no release date as of yet, there are already some leaked specs and even a glance of the new Phantom 5. Surely you’re after the specs and you know when it’s the Phantom, DJI doesn’t hold back on any technology that they have. Because these things are big, DJI can throw everything in it including the kitchen sink. Below are even just a few of its new upgrades and features that will make you drool and excited for the Phantom 5’s release:

  • Object tracking
  • GPS
  • A better battery system
  • Better camera (of course!)
  • Top speed has increased
  • Auto take off
  • Auto return

The DJI Phantom 5 has been one of the most anticipated products of this year, primarily from the drone enthusiasts and the people that loved using the Phantom for their videos. The droning industry is growing, this is because it just makes more sense to use a drone and big YouTubers are relentless in making people realize that and DJI is leading the pack. DJI drones might not be perfect, there are still some things that needs work, but its still the far better choice versus its other competition (if there are any that is).

Written by Alice Walker