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You might be sending your marketing emails the wrong way, here is how to find out

You might be sending your marketing emails the wrong way, here is how to find out

If you are running a business, regardless of what industry you specialize at, one of the most common marketing schemes is through newsletters and emails that are sent to your current customers and clients, people who subscribed to your newsletter subscription, and potential customers that have visited your webpage.

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In fact, it’s anyone’s decision to how they handle their email marketing methods which they believe is effective for their business, however, a lot of businesses and companies are still practicing bad email marketing which led to several marketing pitfalls that costs them their brand’s entire promotion which results to a negative effect to their product and service campaign.

If you think that you are making some mistakes in your email marketing, but you cannot identify which one of it, then you came to the right post because listed below are some of the most common email marketing mistakes that plague companies and brands. From incorrect links to the website, technical difficulties of the website provided in the email, incorrect segment that often confuses customers, sending the incorrect version of the email which creates confusion to the customers, so you should always follow tailored marketing strategies for your company.

  • Typo errors- typos in the subject line, broken link, incorrect price, slow website, wrong segment, broken HTML, etc., determine which potential issues require immediate response like spelling mistakes, broken merge tags or using the wrong image. Another way to fix it is to define the planned response to each of the more serious mistakes like sending a follow-up email, make apology through email or physical mail and make sure the entire company agrees to these terms before you make this actions.
  • Wrong recipients- Sending the wrong email to the customers is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to patch up the mistake that was done. However, the most important thing to do if such a mistake was done is to act promptly by coming up with a plan to take in case a serious mistake occurs. Always inform the customer or subscriber that the email is a corrected version. You can start by indicating the main purpose of the email in the subject line by using apologetic messages or phrases. Plus, include the updated information in the pre-header or have a team from a B2B & B2C marketing agency.
  • Making people irate- Because of wrong emails and newsletters that customers frequently receive and notify them on their email applications, of course, it is completely annoying and gives them a hassle time to delete all these spam emails that your marketing team mistakenly sent to them. To cool down an irate subscriber or customer, you can offer an incentive. In this way, you can redeem the company or the brand’s name for any inconvenience the email has caused and also fix the incorrect link or URL. Consider using social media also to help speed the response. The best way to avoid this kind of problem is to prevent it from happening again by determining why in the first place it happened? There are many reasons and causes but always make sure that there is a proper process an email must undergo before being sent.

Written by Alice Walker